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General Fitness 08.17.15


General Fitness 08.17.15

Prep Work2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Elevated hamstring stretch-(Kick your foot up on top of a box with a straight knee and pull your chest down towards your knee)

2×10 Banded Air squats- wrap a thin band around your knees pulling in, Your goal is to not let your knees cave while



Tempo squat

7X3 @ 70-85% (11X2)

The tempo will be quicker but make sure your form is perfect

4 rds

400 M run

20 wall ball shots( good goal is to hit 20 Unbroken)

50 double Unders 

3 rds

1 -2 pull up+:15-:30 Chin over the bar hold

15 V-Situps

1 -2 Chin up+:15-:30 Chin over the bar hold

20 Banded good mornings

rest as need in between exercises/
Cool Down


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