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General Fitness 08.18.14


General Fitness 08.18.14

Prep Work
500M Row
2X30 Hollow hold
2X 7-9 Lunge strict KB Press

5X Max L-Sit, no more then :40
Rest 1Min

Max KB Shoulder to OVHD (R+L)
Every time you drop the bell 100M Sprint

Cool Down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. Irina

    L-sits were 20 sec each. This one really hurts my quads and hamstrings more than targeting my abs. Perhaps I should just do more hollow holds instead?

    166 total with 35# KB. This one was kinda fun actually.

  2. Ja

    L sit did only max of 25sec lol
    Wod use 35kb totall of 148. Shoulder didn’t feel to bad. Didn’t do a lot on it thou. Alternated a lot tried not to over so it on it.

  3. Jim

    L-hangs only was able to 10 seconds, alternated different methods, I.e. Bent knees, legs out, one leg out one knee up.
    For the WOD I used 44# KB got 156 total reps. Got kinda tough on the last few reps with my Right arm. I broke to he rep scheme up in sets of 5. I did on run which occurred at to 100 rep mark.

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    Modified the L-sits with bent knees and held each round for about :30. I used the 26# KBs for the WOD and from what I counted I got 58 reps on my left and 56 reps on my right. Generally, my left is weaker but I was working on form. I’m not sure why but I kept thinking EMOM and I was really confused at first. Looking forward to the next go around on this one.

  5. Andre M

    Jon Hesseltine and Andre Martirossian cross fit scores for our wod (Diesel) 12 mins amrap- as many reps as possible with your kettle bell. My weight-42 and Jon’s 35. Left and Right then 100 m sprint. Total score Andre-153 and Jon-143. I did 4 100m sprints. Not bad for both of us since it was our first time doing this routine. The L sits where awesome. I chose to use the rings. I almost got all 5 rounds at 40 sec. I’d say my average was 30 sec. Hopefully this will help my shoulders and form get strong/better so I can perform the perfect muscle up.

  6. Christy K.

    L-sits (with my knees bent) were a challenge
    1: 20s
    2: 40s
    3: 40s
    4: 30s
    5: 20s

    Kettle bell AMRAP
    L R
    35. 35 (pink)
    20. 20 (blue)
    10. 12 (blue)
    14. 7 (blue)
    Total: L79, R74, 153

  7. Teressa

    I did the L-sits with bent knees and could only manage 30s at a time, but did better than I thought I would.

    For the WOD I used the blue kettle bell… Left: 71 Right: 72 Total: 143
    I thought my left arm was a lot weaker than my right so I was surprised the number of reps for each was so close. Did 5-100m sprints- I really liked this part!

  8. Andy

    500m row 1:44
    Blue KB
    R/L 5 sets ; 4 runs

    73 each arm. I felt pretty good about the workout today. Gotta get my forearms used to the KB’s again. I did the L sits with knees bent. 30″ for 3 sets and 20″ for 2 sets.

  9. Hurt my leg last week, so modifying things a little.
    Did the L sits
    1st round was the only one i got 40 sec, others were about 25-30 sec

    For the WOD did
    Push Jerks DB KB
    Push Jerks had to be unbroken

    Worked up to a single on bench press prior to this, hit 285lbs


  10. Jonathan Douglas

    Prep Work
    Good things …

    L-sits, five rounds, longest was about 31 seconds, all others between 20-25s, knees bent.

    KB with white tape, 104? total, could tell towards the end form changed, don’t think i was consistent on my press. Ran the 100’s slow, legs still not back.

  11. Sarah Painter

    L sits were done with knees bent… 60 sec all together. WOD: first round I used 44lb and the last 3 rounds 35lb. I did the same amount on both arms. 10, 13, 10, 9 = 84 total. Enjoyed this one! 4 sprints !

  12. Brandi S

    This was an amazing day!! So much fun was had especially after I contemplated not coming 🙂 good thing I went though it really made me feel better!!

    I did the 500m row in 2:15
    Used the pink kettle bell

    L arm-
    67 total

    R arm-
    72 total

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