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General Fitness 08.19.14


General Fitness 08.19.14

Reminder that you still have time to get your teams registered for the Team Series. Get your teams signed up. The gym will be giving prizes for the top 3 teams.

Here is a little more info. Its going to be fun so get going on this.

Prep Work
50′ Inch worm push up
2X:30 Table top stretch
2X10 Tuck jumps
2X10 Lateral lunges


5Min max calorie Row
Rest 2 min
5Min max calorie air-dyne
Rest 2 min
5Min max burpees
Rest 2 min
5Min max  Double under

This is a lot of moving….You should try to pace this whole workout out at about 75-85% effort.

Cool Down
Post results


 “To accept any challenge that is given to you is only going to accelerate you to the next level.”

11 Responses

  1. Vanessa Esquivel

    I enjoyed today’s WOD more so than I was expecting! Started with air dyne 62 cals, rower 63 cals, burpees 73, and I’m not sure how many DU. I can only stream about 2-5 in a row.. slowly, but surely I will get them!

  2. Jim

    Today’s WOD was a total gasser for me.
    Row 76 Cal
    Air Dyne 80 Cal
    Burpee’s (my nemesis) 46
    DU’s 152
    Was really shooting for 50 DU’s per min, but by the time I got to them after the dreaded burpee’s I was exhausted, that strategy went to crap.

  3. Susana

    This hurt!! Maybe cuz I’m fighting a head cold! Again!! Ugh
    Row: 74 calories
    Air dyne: 79 calories
    Burpees: 44 ( goal was 40)
    Double Under: 379 ( I did singles)

  4. Sarah Painter

    This WOD was horrible/amazing ! Got my butt worked. Row: 57 cal, air dyne: 46 cal, burpees: 38, DU: 72 … Progressing each work out!

  5. WOD

    5Min max calorie Row– 85 started slow wanted to test out my leg and it held up, could have probably get closet to 100 calories
    Rest 2 min
    5Min max calorie air-dyne- Got 93 or 97
    Rest 2 min
    5Min did strict HSPU since i had done burpees yesterday, got 53
    Rest 2 min
    5Min max Double under, shoulders and arms were done got 273.


  6. Teressa

    5 min max Airdyne: 63 cals
    Row: 76 cals
    Burpees: 58 (these were hard!)
    Double Unders: 49… more than I have ever done! Still working on these but I’m getting there.

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