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General Fitness 08.24.15


General Fitness 08.24.15

Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch

2X30 Couch stretch

2X30 Soleus stretch


Back squat

3X5 Build up to something moderate


2X10 Something “heavy”

Every 2 Min for 12 min

200M Run

****If unable to finish within 2 min go to 3 min separations


Air squats

Push ups

Wall ball shots

DB KB Push press 53/35

****For this your lowest scored set is your score for that exercise, for example

If on the squats I go 22, 21, 20,20,18,18,15,20 My score will be 15

Tabatta 4 min of :20 On :10 Off each station

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  1. Hannah

    Am I really the only person posting again??
    Did 125 for my sets of 5 back squats and 105 for set of 10.
    Felt fine….only did one set of ten cause I’ve been gone and my legs were on fire!
    Sprints averaged between 44 and 49 seconds.
    10 squats
    6 push-ups
    6 wall balls
    6 push presses

    This was too much for me 🙁 maybe cause I haven’t worked out in a month.

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