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General Fitness 08.25.14


General Fitness 08.25.14

Prep Work
50′ Inch worm push ups
2X:30 Table top stretch
2X:30 Couch stretch

Back squat
5@ 65%
4@ 70%
3@ 75%
3@ 80%
2@ 85%
2@ 87%
5-8 Reps at 65-75%
**** No more than 2 min rest in between sets, come prepared with your percentages for class.

DB KB Long cycle

**** On this workout today try and move up one KB size

ACC Work
3X400M run
rest 1 Min in between

Cool Down
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19 Responses

  1. Irina

    Terrible session on Friday. Form was off and it all felt heavy. using 185 percentages for this cycle.
    120, 130, 135, 145, 155.
    8 reps at 120.
    Felt better today. I need to stay focused on form.

    35s for WOD, time 11:28. Thanks for the push Marcos.

  2. Ja

    Back squats.

    Wod used 35kbs time 9:26
    I broke them in sets of 5s.

  3. Vanessa Esquivel

    Back squat using 150# for percentages: 100, 105, 115, 120, 130, 135, 95. For today’s WOD I used 26# KB and finished in 8:17. Also completed the ACC work, 1st 400 M in 1:56, 2nd 400 M in 2:21, and 3rd 400 M in 2:06.

  4. Jim

    Since I wasn’t here on Friday I worked on a 1 rep max. I was pretty excited thought I PR’d by 15# at 265#, turns out someone put 35#’s on the 45 rack, I was a lil disappointed when I realized this when putting my weights away.
    For the WOD I got 11:36 using 44# KB’s.

  5. Front Squat – heavy single 295lb first week back after being sick and hurt – felt heavy

    – Snatch – heavy single185 and missed 3 times felt heavy then did 3 x 2 155 this felt heavy coming out of the hole

    – Segment Snatch Pull (knee) + Snatch Pull – 5 x 2+1 used 245lbs worked on getting long

    Long cycle
    First round 21 unbroken long cycle
    15 did in 3 sets of 5
    Last 9 4 and 5 time was 7:16

    this was rough


  6. Tanya GL

    Back squat
    5@ 65% -160
    4@ 70%-170
    3@ 75%-185
    3@ 80%-195
    2@ 85%-210
    2@ 87%-215
    5-8 Reps at 65-75%-170

    ****Was resting 1 to 1:30 between sets. The squats felt good. But evidently I am still twisting around so I need to get that figured out.

    DB KB Long cycle

    Used 35’s for the first 1/2 and then just felt like I was having to break it up to much so switched to the 26’s. It sucked. 8:41 I haven’t used kb’s for awhile and definitely didn’t feel like I was being as efficient as I should have been.

    ACC Work
    3X400M run
    rest 1 Min in between

    Completed. Was delirious and forgot to write down the times before I left the gym. I think they were between 1:35ish and 1:45ish.

  7. Tiffany Carley

    Back Squat
    5 @ 65%- 170
    4 @ 70%- 185
    3 @ 75%- 200
    3 @ 80%- 210
    2 @ 85%- 225
    2 @ 87%- 230
    8 @ 70%- 185
    Squats felt good.
    Started with 35kbs for the set of 21 and 15. Switched to 26s for the set of 9. Felt like I had to break them up too much and I wanted to get done before 4:30. Time was 12:20
    Legs feel like jello now. 🙂

    Didnt have time for Acc work. 3x400m run, but will make it up this week.

  8. Susana

    5-65%: 120pounds
    4-70%: 130
    3-75%: 140
    3-80%: 150
    2-85%: 155
    2-87%: 160
    5-8 65-75%: did 75%(140) 5 times

    Wod: 21-15-9 …….26 pounds/ burpees TIME: 8:52

    Didn’t run due to running yesterday

  9. Cory Van Tress

    1st xfit work out in like 5 months. Squats felt good, I am sure the next few days won’t feel good at all. Wod, used 35s and I survived. Felt good to get back at it. Had a good sweat going for a few hours after lol.

  10. Andy

    Was not there last week to determine 1RM. Worked towards finding max.

    1 rep @205#

    Blue KB
    Was pooped and began to fatigue for the jerk part of the lift. Made it without setting them down.

    Burpes went ok but need to get more efficient

    8:50 total time

    3x400m acc work. Felt pretty good by the last run. Very heavy and fatigued at start of first run. Feeling successful today

  11. Brandi S

    I worked towards my max squat today and I got 135#. I believe I can get a higher weight soon I was just not confident into my ability today.

    I used the pink KB for this and it was killer. I fatigued really quickly and need to work on my form of the burpees.

    I finished this section in about 8:45.

    The run!!
    I actually completed the run and I thought I wouldn’t. I wasn’t able to sprint but my breathing was better the entire time and I am getting a little quicker.

  12. Mandi

    Wasn’t there on Friday to establish a max on back squats so I based percentages on 185#. 120,130, 135,145,155,160. Did 8 reps at 120#. Used 26# kb on WOD. Finished in 7:16. Did optional 3x400m run

  13. Back squats.
    2@85%=Skipped 295
    2@87%=Skipped 300

    Felt good, felt heavy, back started to tighten up, so I skipped the 2 heaviest sets, wanted to be able to do the WOD. I’m sure I could’ve completed both sets. The 8 reps at 225 started easy, and the last 2 reps were much harder than I expected.

    Wod used the blue KB and finished in 10:26.

    Think I did the first KB cycle unbroken, had some really good/clean feeling cycles in there, felt like I might have used to light a weight. Burbpees sucked like always, did 3 sets of 5 then I think 2 sets of 3, so slow.

    KB cycle in a set of 5, and then I think 10 once I had my air back a bit more, no where near as clean. Burpees sucked more, set of 5, then sets of 3, with a few breaks to catch my breath.

    KB cycle set of 4 slight pause, set of 5, jerks got difficult, glad I didn’t go to the yellow KB. Burpees, blah, set of 3 then a couple then ones till I was done with a few 15-20s breaks to catch my breath a bit.

    1 400m run/walk, first 200m jog felt ok, then my left hammy felt like it was about to cramp, so I walked it in and foam rolled a bit.

    Great workout.

  14. Trish

    Worked on getting to a heavy back squat. Haven’t done them for awhile and been gone so didn’t do so well. But will work my way back up.
    Used the pink bells for the first 10 on the set of 21 then switch to the blue bells and finished with those.
    Rowed 2000m
    Felt great to be back! 🙂

  15. Jonathan Douglas

    Back squat – getting back to squatting, went off of 405
    265, 285, 305, 325, 345 350 (think i did 365 here), 315 for a quick last set.

    KB Long cycle
    6:40 or 7:40 … one of the two?
    21 KB’s unbroken first round then tried for fives all others.

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