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General Fitness 08.27.14


General Fitness 08.27.14

There is still time to get your team signed up!! Its going to be a fun time.  If you are on the fence about signing up get with us and we will help you find a team. Here are a two reasons why competition is good.

“Perseverance & Determination:”

Competitive athletes are consistently involved in situations where they are challenged. This not only occurs on the competitive field of play but in the practice gym as well. When this happens, their level of perseverance and determination will be tested. The hope here is that they become stronger within over time.

Get your team and register. (click here)

Prep Work
2X10 russian swings
3 Rds
5 Power snatches
5 Full snatches

30 Snatches for time 135/95
Any style of a snatch will work

rest 5 min

1K Row
50 Box step ups
For time

Cool Down
Post results



11 Responses

  1. T$

    Prep- made me sweat
    WOD –
    Isabell – 3:36 used 65#
    Row 1000 meters- 4:46
    Finished step ups at total time 15:56.
    Step ups were hard after row. Concentrated on 10 at a time. I think my row was an improvement but I don’t remember my last time.

  2. Irina

    Isabel 2:46 @ 60- should gotten higher. But my issue is that once I go higher in weight I either psych myself out OR my form breaks down. Should I just continue to sticking to low weight and work on my form?

    Row 4:36- need to slow down stroke and increase pull strength.

    Step ups 20in.
    Total 14:37. Good one.

  3. Ja

    Wod “Isabel” snatches @85lb. Did one at a time. I was mostly concentrating on technic, the pull and locking elbows fast. Made every rep count. Time was 5:56 I think I could off gone a bit heaver.

    Row 1k @4:18 I think that’s a pr for me lol haven’t row in a couple of months.
    50 step ups 20″ box. The first 15 were rough. Then my legs were back lol I moved as quickly as possible. Total time of 17:35 with the 5min rest.

  4. Jim

    Due to fear of shoulder mobility I chose to do Grace instead today. Had 135# on the bar and did a PR by 22 sec – 5:27, could have gotten better I set up in the wrong spot, people were putting weights away and had to stop a few times in fear of clipping them with the bar.
    1000 m Row – 3:57
    Step up on 24″ box 2:33

  5. Andrea

    Went light today for Isabel as my shoulders were complaining just doing the warm up (side note: dear shoulders, why? What would make you cranky? Knock it off!). So I did 55# for a 4:02 Isabel.
    5 minutes on the nose for my row.
    I think I finished the box step ups somewhere in the 18 minute total so that would put them somewhere around 4-5 minutes to complete the 50.

  6. Will Bradford

    “Isabel” 95lb 4:47 took mine time in the beginning to focus on that pop with my hips once I got it down was a lot easier!!! 1k row 4:18 I need to work on longer pulls!!

  7. Tiffany

    I did Isabel at 90 lbs today this is the most I have done for Isabel snatches are a huge weakness of mine I finished in 6 minutes and 41 seconds. The rowing is also a weakness of mine, I’m not very efficient, I finished in 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

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