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General Fitness 09.03.14


General Fitness 09.03.14

Prep work
2 Rds
5 Above the knee snatch pull
5 Muscle snatch
5 Power snatch

10 Min to build up to a heavy power snatch
10 Min to build up to a heavy power clean

1 Rd For time
500M Row
30 Push press 135/95
800M Run For time
This should be a burner

ACC Work
Jump rope skill work 5-10 Min
Things to work on-Single under, double under, Single leg-single under, Single leg double under???, Triple under???? WHHHAAAAATTTT? yes, have fun.

Cool Down
Post results

18 Responses

  1. Irina

    After a frustrating week last week and no WOD on Monday today was encouraging!
    PRed on power snatch at 80#
    On power cleans I think at 115 or 120 I honestly didn’t even check.
    WOD 1:58 on the row PR here too-most efficient yet.
    Total wod time at 9:17 with 70# on bar. Good burner!

  2. Jim

    Did a lil Power Snatch work – usually I don’t do snatches due to my crappy shoulder, kept it light at 85#.
    Power Cleans worked up to 165#, Marcos had me working on a lil different form, felt a lil uncomfortable but I will keep working on it.
    WOD Row: 1:51, Push Press 120#, broke it into 6 sets of 5, total time of 10:25.

  3. Ja

    Power snatch 95
    Power cleans 135
    Wod row at 1:57, push press @85 total time at 10:38
    Still super sore from Monday and my hand still healing from the pull ups. Griping the bar today was a pain.
    No time to work on mobility.

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    Worked up to 70 (15# PR) on power snatch, failed at 75. On the power clean I worked up to an ugly 120 (25# PR), but got it nonetheless (115 was a lot prettier). On both, I was having trouble getting underneath the bar, I really need to work on that. For the WOD, I completely forgot to look at the time on the rower, but I want to say it was just over 2:00. I used 55# for the push press, I struggled with this portion the most. Total time was 9:57. I completely forgot to work on the ACC work :-/

  5. Cory Van Tress

    PS- felt better than it ever has. Worked up to 135 and worked on technique.

    PC- didn’t feel good at all. Worked up to 205, than dropped weight and tried to work on technique. I don’t feel my pull is fluid or explosive. First time doing either in like 5 months, so I am happy.

    Wod- 1:40 on row, 4:40ish on PP @115, run was 10:10ish. Felt hard but good. Feels good to be get back after it

  6. Trish

    PR’d twice today!
    Snatch -55lb (10lb)
    Power Clean -100lb (45lb)
    Got 2:10 for the 500m row not my fastest but I tried.
    Used 55lb for the push presses! Got 6:47 for the row and push presses together, don’t know what I got for the run. Marcos stopped the clock on me! But I did run today that’s what is important! Foot sore but didn’t hurt as bad.
    Worked on jump rope alittle
    Did 20 pull ups with bigger green band. Great workout!

  7. Susana

    Power snatched 100pounds
    Power cleaned 135pounds

    Rowed 500m —1:54
    Push press (90 pounds for about 15 reps, 85 pounds for last 15 reps)
    Jogged for 10 min and then turned around and ran back the distance that I jogged. Ran it in 8:26 🙂 whit whoot!!

  8. Will Bradford

    Power Snatch 145 and Power Clean 165 I need to pull harder is what I’m missing. WOD in 9:20 did the 500m row in 1:54 don’t know my PR on that but is good starting point. And running just is not fun!!

  9. Teressa

    Power snatch 60lbs- worked on technique a lot which was really helpful
    Power clean 85lbs

    Rowed 500m in 1:59, used 55lbs for push press, finished the WOD in 8:57.
    I was tired at the end but had fun!

  10. Tiffany

    I only went up to 95lbs on snatches, they are my weakness and it takes me forever to get heavier, on power clean I PR by 10 lbs with a 150 lbs power clean. I was excited with this!! The WOD I finished the 500 meter row in 2:16 the push press I did at 95 lbs I finished the WOD including the 800 meter run in 10 minutes flat.

  11. janel

    Power snatch worked up to 95#. PR’D my power clean at 115#. Used 65# for WOD. Felt good, but then of course we ran we, which I suck at. my time was 1340.

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