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General Fitness 09.05.14


General Fitness 09.05.14

Don’t forget this Saturday the 6th at 8 am we will be having a Pull Up Class. This is going to be tailored more for new members that have been coming, but if you feel you will benefit from this class please feel free to come in. We will be discussing various methods, Strict, Kipping, when you should be kipping, or if you should even be kipping and the benefits of Kipping vs Strict. This will be a free class.

Prep Work
50′ Duck walk
2X:30 Table top stretch
2X:30 Couch stretch
2X:30 Squat hold

Taking your heaviest 3RM from last fridays front squats perform the following
2 Front squats
Record all successful reps and weight

12 Min AMRAP
10 Wall balls
60M Sled push -should be a weight you can move quickly
10 Pushups

Cool Down
Post results

18 Responses

  1. Vanessa Esquivel

    For 7 min EMOM I used 115# for front squat. I did not establish a 3RM with general fitness last Friday because of the team series, but I scaled back 10# from my 3RM on front squat for team event 3. I did the 12 min AMRAP before doing the front squats and completed 5 rounds + 6. Put 70# on the sled. Fun Friday WOD 🙂

  2. Jim

    For the 7 min EMOM I did 1st round with 165#, then jumped up to 175# for the remainder.

    For the 12 min AMRAP I got into my 5th round with 10 wall balls and 30 M sled. Used 20# ball and 90# on the sled. This workout was much harder on me than I was expecting.

  3. Irina

    Didn’t remember my 3RM but went by how I felt today. 125 for 2 min then 130 for the rest.

    5 rnds +10 wall balls. 35s on sled where killer! Good burner!

  4. Monica B

    65lbs 7min EMOM Front Squat
    75 (10lb) pr
    10 wall balls (12lbs)
    60 m sled (20lbs)
    10 push up
    *6 completed
    Harder then I thought but pushed myself.

  5. Ja

    Front squats @145. Didn’t warm up good so I stay 10lb under from last Friday… Wod… lol Irina made me work. Had 35lbs on, use the 16lb ball.Only got 5ish. A little tire this morning. Lol

  6. Andre M

    205 front squat. Mr.. Ego got in the way so I tried 225 got it 3 times. But Marcos gave me some sound advice. So I’m sticking with 205 for my 3 rep max. WOD 95 on the sled 25lb ball got 7 rounds and a sled push dine in 12 mins. Not to shabby.

  7. Cory Van Tress

    That was the worst, terrible wod. Did the EMOM at 185, felt good but hard.

    The wod got me. DNF got through 3 rounds. 90 on sled and 20 lb wall ball

  8. Jonathan Douglas

    Cory, i laughed out loud at your post…

    Prep Work
    Could have felt better … these cold mornings may send me back to my evening friends.

    I thought of using my team series FS … for a whole 13 seconds and said no. I went for 315 first round, tough for two following the workout. I used 295, each double was a grind.

    Ivan is nuts … 95 on each side for first round, legs felt like they’d explode, so dropped to 60 on each side i do believe. Six full rounds.

  9. Mandi

    For the EMOM I used 155# On the WOD we changed order and did WB, push ups then sled. I was sled pushes short of completing 5 rounds. Used a 14# WB and used 70# on the sled.

  10. Tiffany

    On the front squats I made it through 175lbs. Each set! On the wod I used a 14 lbs wall ball, I used 70 lbs on the sled, us girls didn’t keep track. So at least 4 and sled push shy of 5. My weakness in this was pacing myself through the entire 12 minutes I start well and end up loosing energy quickly, also first time I did sled pushers. Those were tough.

  11. Teressa

    Used 30lbs on the sled and a 14lb wall ball. Made it through 4 rounds of the WOD plus one set of wall balls. This was hard!

    For the front squats we used 95lbs. I am feeling more comfortable with squatting and will keep working on my form!

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