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General Fitness 09.06.14


General Fitness 09.06.14

Don’t forget at  8 am we will be having a Pull Up Class. This is going to be tailored more for new members that have been coming, but if you feel you will benefit from this class please feel free to come in. We will be discussing various methods, Strict, Kipping, when you should be kipping, or if you should even be kipping and the benefits of Kipping vs Strict. This will be a FREE class. 

Prep Work
Team stretch

Teams of 2
Deadlift 275/185
Box jump 24″/20″
Partner 1 will start and go all the way through then tag partner 2. Partner 2 will finish as fast as possible for a total time.

ACC Work
Strict pull ups

Optional Conditioning
10 Min EMOM
10 Cal Ardyne

Cool Down
Post results

4 Responses

  1. Tiffany Carley

    Teamed up with my brother today.
    24’/20′ box jumps/step ups
    5×2 strict pull ups. I used the black band. Getting better at them will probably go to green band next time.
    EMOM on airdyne for 10 mins
    Butt and leg burner after all the deadlifts.
    Good sat morning!!

  2. Susana

    Team Wod: 21-15-9
    First round I did 185 pounds for deadlift. Started to bow my back so I dropped 10pounds for 15 reps. The 21 box jumps I did unbroken. 15’s I used 175pounds. Broken the reps into 5 reps at a time. 9’s on box jumps I just stepped up cuz my lower back was on fire. Did it in 8:20 Margo went next. She did 185 through out entire workout. Also finished in 8+ min.

    Used blue band for strict pull-ups, almost ready to move to red band:)

    10min air dyne: 105 calories.

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