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General Fitness 09.09.14


General Fitness 09.09.14

Prep Work:

400M Run
1 min Single skip
1 min squat hold
50′ Inch wormpush up

10 Min EMOM
EVEN min 10 Triple unders OR 20 Double unders OR 40 Single skip
ODD min :20 Hollow Hold

10 Min EMOM
EVEN min 5 HSPU OR 10 Perfect push ups OR 15 Push ups from the knee
ODD min 5 TTB OR 8 K2E OR 12 Knee raises

Cool Down

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  1. Vanessa Esquivel

    First 10 minute EMOM worked on DU and felt good on every hollow hold. For DU I’m trying to work on bringing my hands down and not arching my back as much. Second 10 minute EMOM, I did 10 perfect push ups and 8 knees to elbows. With K2E I worked on my kipping, trying to pull away from the bar, and moving into consecutive reps.

  2. Kristopher

    10 Min EMOM I did 20 singles, and hollow hold. On the second EMOM I did perfect push up and 12 knee raises. I was fun to workout with the coaches.

  3. Sarah

    For the WOD I did 20 DUs and the hollow holds. Then 15 knee push ups (my arms were absolutely dead), and 12 knee raises. Was so sore from Monday but still got a great work out in!

  4. resting my back so did this today. My abs are soooooore.

    10 Min EMOM
    EVEN min 10 Triple unders these are dumb:)(hard) got a total of 23.
    ODD min :20 Hollow Hold was able to hold 20 sec the each round

    10 Min EMOM
    EVEN min 5 HSPU (deficit on the black parallettes) got all 5 each round strict except for the last one
    ODD min 5 TTB
    Cool Down
    worked on some stability drills for my back/glutes


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