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General Fitness 09.10.14


General Fitness 09.10.14

Prep Work
8 Sets of
:10 Front rack hold
Split jerk
:10 Hold in the split position

20 Min to build up to a heavy complex
1 Hang clean, 1 Clean, Shoulder to OVHD
****Let your technique dictate how heavy you go

4 Rds for quality and load
120M Suitcase carry
16 Croc rows

Cool Down
Post results

12 Responses

  1. T$

    Prep- felt good
    Oly- worked up to 115#. Just wasn’t feeling it this morning (strong) on the complex so I tried to stay focused on my technique.
    Wod- don’t know my time cause I was concentrating on pushing myself and breathing. Used 53# KB for the first 3 rounds including the row. I did over and back without rest rotating R/L. Coach Marcos bumped me up to the 62# KB for the last round on suitcase carry I had to rest for 3-5 seconds after each walk over and stayed with 50 for the row. Thanks for the push coach.

  2. Irina

    Up to 105 on the complex. Cleans felt awesome. Shoulders didn’t. Called it quits and didn’t over do it. Split jerk needs work too.

    No rows today. Just the carries with 45 and shoulder mobility will lacrosse ball.

    Not a fast paced day but I needed this.

  3. Ja

    Complex started light warming up. Slowly build up to 145lb, taking my time making sure form, technic and my lower back were ok. Then I was out time.
    Wod use
    70lb kb carry
    30lb db for Kroc rows the first round. 45lb for the last 3rnds.

  4. Will Bradford

    Warm up was good haven’t worked on split jerks in a while. For the complex I got up to 165, I need to be faster under the bar. For the WOD I started with the 88lb kb then it was stolen and got some “encouragement” to do more so finished the suit case carry with db 53lb kbs and that was a challenge for the croc rows used a 65lb dumbbell

  5. Tiffany Carley

    I had to humble myself today and go light. My back was not 100% today. I worked on form for my cleans and split jerk with 85lbs. Needed the technique work badly especially on my split jerks.
    WOD- used 35lb KB on suitcase carry. 44 & 53 for croc rows.
    Rode airdyne for 5 mins and worked on mobility.
    I got myself a massage after the WOD and oh boy I feel much better!! 😀

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    Stayed at 85# for complex and worked on technique for all movements. With 95# I worked on my high hang cleans and using my hips. Everything felt good today, just need to work on my split jerk stance a bit. Not sure how long it took me to complete the WOD, but I used 35# KBs for croc rows, and 62# KBs for suitcase carry only setting them down once.

  7. Susana

    Complex I worked up to 125 pounds. Split jerk still scares me but i did PR by 10 pounds!:)

    For wod: I used 88 pound kettle bell. It hurt! And I used 26 pounds for row….. It was light but it hurt also!!

    I also worked on handstand holds…… Getting better!

  8. Tiffany

    I worked up to 135 lbs in the complex, I really need to work on my hang cleans, and jerk they are so technical, and my form is not there yet but I tried. The suit case carry I did the first round with 79 lbs kettle bell, the last three rounds I stole Will’s kettle bell and did 88lbs. This was fun I was a sweaty mess but I liked trying to see what u could get through! The croc rows I did a 44 lbs kettle bell, these were tough for me. However, it was a great workout!

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