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General Fitness 09.13.14

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  1. Andre M

    I teamed up with Ishmael for the team AMRAP. 13 rounds in 15 mins. 250lb dead lift. I tried 315 lb but only got 3 rounds. Form was suffering and so was my consistency. So I dropped to 250 lbs with my partner to finish off the remainder of the time. I must say even if you can do it, always check your form. Make sure your consistent. More weight isnt always better. I love the team stretching it really helps. Man those side planks killed. Not to shabby Id say. See everyone on Monday. Have a good, safe and fun weekend. Good work!!!

  2. Tiffany Carley

    Teamed up with Red and JD. We had an odd number so I just kinda went at my own pace and tried to keep up with the boys.
    Managed to get 8 RDS + 5 DLS
    Used 225 for all RDS
    Rowed 1000m and used foam roller to stretch out my back.
    Side planks were tough after all that work.

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