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General Fitness 09.16.14


General Fitness 09.16.14

What’s going on next month?

  • Kids Program: Unfortunately We will be done with the kids program at the end of this month. Tuesday, September 30th will be the last class. We will be replacing the kids program with family night once a month starting Friday, October 10th at 5:30pm. The cost will be $15 per family. If you have any additional questions about this feel free to contact me.
  • Olympic Lifting Class: Starting  Thursday, October 2nd every Thursday at 5:30 we will be having an Olympic Lifting Class (except for the thursday we have girls night.) this will be a $15 fee. Or if you buy 10 classes up front $120.
  • Fundamentals Class: We will have a fundamentals class focusing on the variations of the beautiful movement we call the SQUAT. This will be Saturday, October 4th at 8am. If you have never had an in-depth class on how to squat this is for you. This will be a FREE class so mark your calendars and let’s get our SQUAT on.

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Prep Work
400M Jog
2X:30 Calf Stretch
1:00 Min Single unders
15 Jump stars-As high as possible

WOD/Skill work
5Min Airdyne for calories 70% Effort
5Min max double unders
rest 2 min
3 Min Airdyne 85% Effort
3 Min max double unders
rest 2 min
1 Min Airdyne 100% Effort
1 Min max double unders

ACC Work
5X5 Slow push ups-as slow as possible

Cool Down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. Monica

    5min Airdyne – 45 calories
    Worked on Double unders
    3min Airdyne -34 calories
    Worked on Double unders
    1min Airdyne -19 calories

    Did Acc work

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    5 min air dyne – 58 cals
    3 min air dyne – 49 cals
    1 min air dyne – 23 cals

    I didn’t count my DU. I’m still working on getting more than 5 in a row and it’s a challenge. I did 4×5 slow push ups.

  3. B-


    Legs/calves are smoaked. Changed my grip position on my handles and made it a lot easier to string the reps together when I was fatigued.

    5X5 On push ups were not as controlled as I would like them to be, felt good to have to work for them though.

  4. Tiffany

    This left my legs feeling like jello haha the air dyne 5 minutes I got 63 calories, DU I did 64 in 5 minutes, the 3 min air dyne I got 37 calories, 3 min of DU I did 34, the last minute air dyne I got 22 calories, & only 7 DU

  5. Trish

    Prep work good –
    5min- Got 40cal on the Airdyne did double under practice the whole time still couldn’t get one 🙁
    3min- 20cal Airdyne
    Practice 1min practice double under did none… then 2min singles got 175
    1min-18cal on Airdyne
    singles got 62
    I WILL get those double unders one day!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Susana

    5 min Air Dyne: 66
    5 min double unders: 68

    3 min Air Dyne: 53
    3 min double Unders: 43

    1 min Air Dyne: 26
    1 min Double Unders: 6:(

    4x 2 slowest push ups possible! Felt good! Only did 4 rounds cuz is pulled a muscle!! Lol arm pit muscle

  7. Kristopher

    Airdyne 72/56/41 Double under needs more work, I was able to 8 unbroken in the first round then went to singles, second round I did 12 DU and then went to singles, the last round only 3 then finished with singles.

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