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General Fitness 09.16.15


General Fitness 09.16.15

Prep Work2X10 Pass throughs

2X20 Banded pull aparts

2X50′ OVHD Squat and walk


Hang Muscle snatch

Build up to a heavy double for this

10 Min cap

Snatch ladder

Starting at 65/45 Perform one full snatch from the ground and had an additional 10lbs each attempt

You will have a total time of 8 min to get as heavy as you can. If you miss a weight twice that will terminate the set.

If you are snatching around 165+ don’t waste to much time in the start…Get moving
Partnering up for this wouldn’t be a bad idea (Two people adding weight is much faster then one)

50 Perfect push ups for time

Optional Conditioning

Every 3 min for 9 min (3 Sets)

60M Sled push

Men 70-180lbs of additional weight

Ladies 30-130lbs of additional weight

10 Tire box jumps

****Only perform if class time allows or if there is an additional class following 
Cool Down


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