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General Fitness 09.17.14


General Fitness 09.17.14

Prep Work
3 rds 75/55
5 High pulls-from floor
5 Snatch grip RDL’s
5 Power snatch

6X1.1.1 Power snatch
Build over all 6 sets
20 Min time cap

For Quality and load
4 Rds
60M Waiter walk 70/53
20 Russian swings AHAP
5 Strict pull ups

Cool Down

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7 Responses

  1. Irina

    5# PR on power snatch today. I psych myself out.

    35s for carry
    DB KB 35s for swings. Marcos pushed those doubles on me and I wanted to be mad but I actually could have gone higher I think. Hehe
    5 strict pull ups broken up 3-2

    Good one today.

  2. hannah ramos

    Worked up to 55 lb for power snatch
    Did 2 x 15 banded squats to work on squat form
    Used 26 lb bells for the waiter carry, and half of my last round with the 35s
    53 lbs for Russian swings
    Strict pull-ups with the thin red band

  3. Tiffany Carley

    Worked up to 85 for power snatch. Lots of work on form today.
    Used 35 kbs for waiter walk
    79 KB for 1st set of Russian swings. 106 KB for the other 3 rds.
    Used think green band for pull ups.
    Really like quality and load days. 🙂

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    For power snatch 6×1.1.1. I worked up to 65#. I worked on my power snatch after that and got my old PR again 70#. I’m still having trouble with my technique, the bar is going high enough but I can’t get underneath it and lock it out. There’s a list of things to work on. For the WOD I used 35# for waiter walks, 62# for Russian swings for first 3 rounds, 70# for last, and 2 orange bands for strict pull ups in the first 2 rounds and 1 small blue band for last two rounds. For the Russian swings I went unbroken the first 2 rounds,15-5 in round 3, and 10-10 in round 4.

  5. Kristopher

    Power snatch 125# did a lot of work on form. Waiter carry 62# Russian swings 62# I was able to due four pull ups unbroken then need to rest for the last one.

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