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General Fitness 09.22.14


General Fitness 09.22.14

Prep Work
400M Run
2X10 Walking high kicks
2X:30 Couch stretch
2X:30 Table top stretch

Strength, De-loading
Back squat
1K Row
50 Thrusters 45lb
30 Pull ups

For time

Cool Down
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  1. Jim

    Marcos worked with me on some mobility exercises for my lower back – it feels noticeably better from pre workout to post workout.
    Did a 5 min max Calorie Air Dyne of 79 Cal. Then did 30 Pull-ups, some stretching and some double unders.

  2. Will Bradford

    Jackie in 11:40
    1k row in 5:05 thought that as a decent pace
    45lb thrusters
    Banded pull ups

    Can feel the improvement and progress. Even on days when I work long hours I can feel that I have more left in the tank to push myself especially during this squat cycle.

  3. Christy K.

    75lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs, 105lbs

    I’m still awful at pull ups, but I’m getting better. A green and red band for today.

  4. Jonathan

    Back squat
    5@60% – 250
    5@70% – 295
    3@80% – 335
    1@90% – 375

    Happy too see a week with less volume. Body (back particularly) feeling blown up from the weekend and team stuff.

    Doing the Jackie was fun … 6:44 on this burner. I have not done a benchmark in quite some time. Linda and or half Linda anyone 🙂 ??

  5. Lindsay

    Strength, De-loading
    Back squat
    5@60% 35
    5@70% 45
    3@80% 50
    1@90% 55

    1K Row
    50 Thrusters 45lb
    30 Pull ups

    For time- 13:21

    Cool Down
    Post results

  6. Marcos

    Front Squat – heavy single-295

    – Snatch – heavy single;195 failed 205 3 x 2-155

    – Snatch DL to knee + DL to knee to hip + Snatch Pull – 5 x 2+2+1 135,185,3×2@225

    – Back Squat – heavy single 365lbs

    – Good Morning – 3 x 5-95lbs

  7. Teressa

    Back squat:
    5@60%- 75lb
    This actually felt pretty easy… now that I am getting my form down the weight is getting heavier and easier!

    “Jackie” in 15:22… accidentally did the first 20 thrusters with 55lbs, whoops. Switched to 45lb for the last 30.
    Two red bands for the 30 pull-ups.

  8. Today was a good day for me first day in a while that I Felt OK during the wod…AKA-The wheels stayed on the bus.

    Squats-Adjusted the style of squat to a mid bar squat and widened out my stance. Felt went 185-5, 225-5,255-3,275-1. Felt good!

    Jackie-Definitely not my best time (5:45) 7:11 For today-Cant complain to much. Hip is feeling tight right now but felt good enough to jog a 200M after.

  9. Sarah P

    Squats: 105,125,145,165.
    Jackie: 14:45
    Used 45lb bar and green band for pull ups
    First day back in almost 2 weeks… Yikes! Can’t wait to get back into the routine of things.

  10. Vanessa Esquivel

    Back squat
    5 @ 90
    5 @ 105
    3 @ 120
    1 @ 135

    Completed “Jackie” in 13:40. 1 K row took 4:33, used 45# bar for thrusters 15,10, 10, 5, 5, 5. I felt sick the last half of the thrusters and then I felt better throughout the pull-ups. I did mostly single kipping pull ups.

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