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General Fitness 09.23.14


General Fitness 09.23.14

We are wondering if you all can help us out. We will be getting sweat pants but need an idea of who wants some and what sizes we should order. We will have male and female sizes available s-xxl. If you could please e-mail us if you are interested in getting some and what size that would help us out. to send us your size.


Here is a mock-up of what they would look like.



Prep Work
Runners prep
30M High knees
30M Butt kickers
30M Walking (high knee) Lunge
30M Bounding
60M Carioca (down and back facing same direction)

Every 4min for 16min
200M Sprint
10 Burpees

Once the clock hits 21:00
50 Burpees for time

Every 4 Min for 16min
400M Run
10 Burpee Box jumps

Once the clock hits 21:00
50 Burpees for time

3X8 Single Leg SINGLE bell (opposite Arm to leg) RDL

Cool Down
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16 Responses

  1. T$

    We’ll my 2 favorites running and burpees, yeah right. I honestly contemplated whether or not to show up about 5 times before I couldn’t go back to sleep. The struggle is REAL my friends. level 2
    Run times 1:58, 5:52, 10:02, 14:11
    Burpee step ups times 2:50, 6:50, 11:17, 15:19
    50 burpees 4:42
    Rdl’s w/ 32kb and barefoot to make it a little harder 🙂 love those
    Brenden I am posting!!!!

  2. Will Bradford

    I looked at the workout and had a struggle between my mind and my body and know it was good for me and my already sore/tired legs.
    Lvl 1:
    Then the lungs started getting mad at me
    Then my limit was reached and I almost “died”

    Burpees in 3:49
    And I’m exhausted!!

  3. Susana

    1:29 (just the run)
    The burpees killed me!!! Plus I didn’t eat much today and I felt it! I only stepped up instead of jump cuz I had no energy!!

    Timed burpees: 4:43

  4. Marcos

    – Back Squat – heavy single,225,275,315,345,365

    – Snatch High-Pull + Hang Power Snatch(below knee) + OHS – 5 x 1+1+1 failed 185

    – Power Clean + Front Squat Jerk – 5 x 1+1+1-135,185,205,225,245

    – Snatch Push Press – 4 x 5-135,155,175,185,205

    – Front Squat – heavy single-315 ugly then 3 x 3-275lb felt heavy

  5. Ken

    Beginning of 2week knee recovery cycle
    1 rep max strict press 125# today…

    4 sets of 8 DB flys. 25#, 30#,35#, 45#

    3 sets of 15 ring dips

  6. Teressa

    Today was a butt kicker! Fun though.

    I did Level 2. Kind of lost track of my times but stayed pretty consistent with the 400m runs;
    1:52, 1:48, 1:52, and ???

    50 burpees: 3:40

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Runner’s prep gets me every time and this was round 2 for me. I did level 2 WOD. I wanted to put a 400 m on the benchmark board so for round 1 I went hard and came in at 1:35 (PR). Finished round 1 about 2:30ish, round 2 at 2:49, and round 4 at 3:05. I’m not sure about round 3 time, but it was mostly likely my slowest time because I got a side cramp during the 400 m. Time for 50 burpees was 2:40.

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