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General Fitness 09.23.15


General Fitness 09.23.15

Prep Work
3 min Airdyne ride 65%

2X10 T-Spine wall press (Wall slide)

2X10 PVC Pass throughs


3 Min Airdyne ride :40@90% Fast :20 slow@40%


Every 2 min for 14 Min (7sets)

High hang Snatch+2 OHS

****Weight is up to you, pick something that will challenge you but you can move correctly
25 Min AMRAP Interval running

Start line to green line @50% (100M)

Green line to yellow line@70% (100M)

Yellow line to Red line @80-90% (200M)

red line to Start line @40% (400M)

****For this portion today keep in mind that our days of running are going to be decreasing soon so give it a true effort. If injury or inability to complete this running session swap it our for a Airdyne sprint (:40@95% :20@65% for 18Min)
Use the 400M as a recovery so you will be ready to run as soon as you get to the start line.
Record total distance -1 Full set of intervals =800M
Cool Down


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