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General Fitness 09.24.14


General Fitness 09.24.14

Prep Work
3 rds 45/35
5 High pulls-from floor
5 Snatch grip RDL’s
5 Power snatch

Power snatch
Every 2 Min For 16 Min (8 sets)
2 Power Snatches-Weights should be between 60-90% Of 1RM Build up over the course of 16min

WOD For time

100 Double unders (Or 3min, whatever comes first)
25 Toes to bar
50 Double unders (Or 1:30min, whatever comes first)
25 C2B Pull ups
25 Double unders (Or 1min, whatever comes first)
25 Man Makers 70/50
****The objective for this workout is not to spend to much time working, intensity should be very high. Scale weights and movements as needed. There are time restraints on the DU’s for your advantage, if you know you can get a few DU’s at a time then this will help you have a light at the end of the tunnel. If you haven’t gotten any to date-Dont worry multiple it by 3 and get moving.

Optional Additional Conditioning


:40 80%
:20 60%
10Min total time of work

ACC Work
3-2-1-1-2-3 Strict chins

Cool Down
Post results

13 Responses

  1. T$

    Prep got me sweating. Worked upto 75# for the power snatch. I didn’t want to get any heavier cause my form worsened and I was pressing instead of getting under the weight.
    WOD 18:18. Had a hard time getting a rhythm for my DU’s in the first round. T2b were a little more difficult than I remember. By the second round my Du were back on point. Should have done some warmup rope for timing. Used 25# DB and that just about killed me. Had to break up in sets of 3. Maybe next time I’ll use 20’s so I can at least do sets of 5.

  2. Irina

    Got up to 85# but had to drop down to 80 because I still had 3 rounds to go and missed my second attempt.

    WOD around 19:50ish or so. Frustrating work out. I used to be able to string 5-8 DUs together, today I got maybe 5 once. I hate it. I need more practice.
    Also my C2B I did with a green band to practice height and even with that I struggled. That’s discouraging as well because I have been working on my upper body strength and pool ups everyday πŸ™
    Used 20s for man makers.
    Eh. Not happy with my performance today.

  3. Jim

    While others were Snatching I worked on some back mobility stretches. Also did the Air Dyne 81 Cal for 5 min and 49 Cal for 3 min.
    For the WOD the I strung together 65 DU’s unbroken then then got to 100 took me about 1:20, then did 25 T2B in various reps, the 50 DU’s took me a bit longer than expected as I was a lil gassed by that point, did 25 Un-banded C2B in various reps, 25 DU’s were unbroken, and just did Push-ups with alt rows with 30#, only got to 22 reps before I had to leave. Not sure on my time?

  4. Worked up to 65# for the snatches. I think my 1RM was 75 or a bit more, so 65 felt pretty good until I started overthinking it πŸ˜›

    WOD: good to get some time to work on double unders. I am out of practice with them, so my first set I’m not sure I actually got even a single double (ha). Second set I got more in a rhythm and started stringing them together. Third set I went back to sucking them up because my arms felt all jibbly. Did a green band for the pull ups and 25# for the manmakers. Turns out manmakers suck. I can’t put my finger on what it is about them that makes them suck so bad so I am forced to conclude it is just their inherent nature.
    Final time: 21:14.

  5. Sarah

    Worked up to 95# for the snatch. WOD was 21:53. Double unders need some work. I did 60, 40, 19. Did knee ups for the T2B, Green band pull ups instead of C2B and started out using 25# for man makers but dropped down to 20# because I literally thought I was gonna throw up πŸ™‚ good long work out. Didn’t do any accessory work today.

  6. Tiffany Carley

    Worked up to 90lbs on the power snatch. Felt comfortable and wasn’t a struggle.
    WOD- 22:57
    Managed 33, 17 and 5 for DUs
    Knees to elbows
    Blue band for pull ups tried to make sure my chin was over the bar.
    Used 30lbs for manmakers.
    Ran out of time for acc work.
    Did Mobility and stretching
    Tough WOD today!! I could barely lift my arms afterwards. Loved it. πŸ™‚

  7. Susana

    Power Snatch: worked up to 90 pounds, did last 2 rounds at that weight.

    Worked on my double unders for 3 mins… Got something like 40ish…..:( my shins hurt from sprints yesterday. Worked on tring to string my t2b together….no luck:( yet. Did all 50 double unders in 3 min. Mixed c2b and pulls ups. Did 1min of DU, got like 7. Started out with 30 pound dumb Bells for man makers, did 8 reps and had to drop to 25 pounds… Hurt!!! Total time: 23:31

    Did the optional air dyne — 10min

    Acc work: chin ups I used red band….. Felt hard at first.

  8. B-

    PS EMOM only up to 145 stayed very light for the first few sets

    Wod was no joke- got it done as written for all the movements with 65’s 16:59. Spent over 10:00 min on just the man makers

    Did the optional conditioning but only for 5 min realistically it was like :40@60% and :20 @30% 91 calories total

    Got the ACC work done
    And hit some hamstring low back mobility post wod…I’m pooped

  9. Kristopher

    Power Snatch 95# WOD time 14:50 I used the time to work on singles with a few double unders. Toes to elbow and pull ups were assisted with a thin band. Man Makers 30# Optional conditioning total calories was 85.

  10. cash

    Hope it’s still ok for me to post even if I’m not doing competitive or general fitness workouts for a little while πŸ™‚

    Day 3 post shoulder surgery;
    45 min of rotating 3 min of airdyne/ 50 box step ups/ 3 min rower
    Cool down : 800 m walk πŸ™‚

    *** I promise to follow Dr’s orders …. Listening to my body, stopped tonight when shoulder felt ” heavy” … Road to recovery πŸ™‚

  11. Brandi

    The prep work for this days workout was great. Really helped me to get better form which helped in my power snatches. Over the sixteen minutes I worked up to a max of 85# and attempted two 90# power snatches but they were unsuccessful.

    The WOD today we as killer!! I was extremely excited though because it was the first time ever I was able to do a double under since I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Throughout the three sets I completed ten DU’s and completed the rest of the time with single jumps. My C2B required a thin green band and a red band and for the man makers I did 20#.

    I am starting to finally feel a little stronger!!!

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