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General Fitness 09.27.14


General Fitness 09.27.14

Prep Work
Team stretch

Team WOD

Teams of 2 complete the following
4 rds
20 Alternating Dumbbell snatches-Moderate weight
4 Rope climbs
200M Run (Both partners run)
Divide work up however you want to

ACC Work
3X:30 Hollow hold
3X:30 Side planks each side

Cool Down
Post results

2 Responses

  1. Hannah Ramos

    Teamed with Susana…I used 20 lbs for dumbbell snatches, then switched to 25 lbs. we did 10 snatches each, two rope climbs each for the four rounds, and finished in 14:30.

  2. Ken

    Team workout
    45# dumbbell snatches
    2 rope climbs each,
    Substituted 250 meter legless rows for the run. (Knees not recovering as fast as I would expect.)
    4 rounds with my good bud Dave in 14:08.
    Hollow hold & planks…
    Workout felt good. No issues.

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