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General Fitness 09.28.15


General Fitness 09.28.15

Prep Work2X30

Table top stretch

Sampson stretch


3 Min of (Take it nice and smooth just used to get warmed up)

50′ High hip crab walk

50′ Burpee broad jump

50′ Bear crawl

20 Rep max- Back squat (If unable to hit 20 reps in last weeks set lower weight 5-10%, If successful in last weeks set go up an additional 5-10%
****A requirement for this is perfect reps. If unable to maintain quality of movement re-rack the weights and we will try this again another day. Warm up to your set then give it a go.

10 Min cap for warm up and set

2 rds for time

20 Clean and jerk 135/95

20 Burpees

20 Wall ball shots 20/14

20 Toes to bar

15 min time cap

Lvl 2

20 Clean and jerk

20 Burpees

20 Wall ball shots 30/20

20 Muscle ups

100 Double unders

20 min time cap

50 Banded Good mornings
Cool Down

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