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General Fitness 09.29.14


General Fitness 09.29.14

Olympic Lifting class this Thursday, October 2nd  at 5:30. This will be a $15 fee. Or if you buy 10 classes up front $120.

Prep Work
2X:30 Table top stretch
2X:30 Couch stretch
2X:30 Soleus stretch

Back squat
 3 Rds for time
20 Walking lunges 70/53 Each hand
20 Burpees
This should be a sprint! Pick a weight you can move that is heavy.
Optional Additional Conditioning
Airdyne sprints
:40 80%
:20 60%
10Min total time of work
We will be testing other things this week…hint…hint

Cool Down
Post results

35 Responses

  1. BG

    Back squat.
    Would love to get heavier on my back squat. Legs have always been weak 🙁
    Used 44KB. Tired to keep my form throughout. Was off balance on a few of them.
    Time 10:21. Burpees were good but a little slow.

    OT: Airdyne:)

    Good work 5am! Feels good to be back in routine

  2. Dirk b

    Squats 335 for 1rep
    11:10 on the wod with 44 lb for lunges .
    Nice work out.
    Did 5 min on air dyne got to 89 cal for that time was more like 70/30 though.

  3. Trish

    only been to a few of the squat cycle classes, I’ve been trying to rest my hamstring muscle cause it still gets pretty sore with certain movements. But it’s a lot better than it was! 🙂
    WOD- great workout! 10:15
    20lb dumbbells

  4. Jim

    Held off on squats again, back is feeling better. Did 10 mins of 80/60 on the air dyne while others did squats, total Cal was 124.
    For WOD I took it easy and used the 25# KBs since I haven’t done any leg work in 3 weeks or so. Took me 9:32.

  5. Hearher

    I started at around 70 and then worked up to my PR 135. I liked how my form felt so I didn’t attempt more.

    The WOD I did in 8:59. With 40-something KBs. I really enjoy lunges so I liked that one.


  6. Irina

    185 old PR
    215 30 # PR total! YESSS

    WOD 4:24 with 35s perhaps I could have gone heavier…. Maybe. But my legs feel it, I promise.

  7. T$

    Squat finished with 225 a new PR. Failed at 230#. That felt good considering I failed at 185 when I started at reformation.
    WOD 10:54 time with 44Kb legs felt smoked after the squats. I was going to use 32kb but then Brenden scolded me and i grabbed the next size up.
    Did Airdyne but it was more like 70/30 and only completed 72 calories total. Last time I had 105. (Same airdyne)

  8. Sarah

    195 for a 10#PR! Yay for me!

    35# for lunges and finished in 16 min.
    My legs were absolutely dead and I got a terrible migraine towards the end. But I finished and it was a good work out!

  9. Andre M

    I finished the WOD in 7:40 62lb kettle bells. Back squats went well new pr 10 over one rep max of 265. I hit 275 for my new one rep max. All in a days work. No optional conditioning for this guy my legs are toast.

  10. Hannah Ramos

    Did two sets of banded squats again. Ended up with 115 lbs for back squat. Used 26 lb KB for the lunges and finished in 7:26. My legs are still shaking an hour later…

  11. Will Bradford

    60% 170
    70% 200
    80% 230
    90% 255
    100% 285
    Annnnd then…
    Failed 355 but looked good till I bailed. But I’m happy with the end result. WOD I used 53lb kbs and finish in 10:35 my legs are done!!!

  12. Jonathan Douglas

    Back squat today felt good, made it to 455? 20lb PR. It felt good and I allowed the coffee to get to my head and failed after making a huge jump. Im glad I made the big jump though as I have a goal of going heavier. It’s scary, humbling and super exciting having heavy stuff on your baxk.

    Didnt really do the workout, still cant lunge worked on double unders. More work needed.

    Seeing and hearing all those folks hit personal bests is pretty awesome.

  13. Calleigh1003

    Haven’t worked out in 3 weeks so I knew I would be a little weak but I felt better than expected. I attempted my old PR of 365 pounds and failed but felt good so I tried again at 370 pounds and failed again. I’m right there though. They were close.
    I used 70 pound KB’s on the WOD for a time of 9:34

  14. Susana

    New PR today!!! 195!! Attempted 205 but failed! 🙁

    Then I ran a mile for time: 8:05 shaved about 25 seconds off my mile.

    Used 44 pounds KB…. Got heavy fast! Took me a bit longer with that weight but kept with it… Took me about 15 mins to finish.

    Didn’t do acc conditioning cuz I had to leave

  15. Eric Dean

    Back squat
    5@60% 165
    3@70% 195
    3@80% 220
    1@90% 245
    1@105% 275 (didn’t get deep enough on the first but made the lift. missed the 2nd attempt)

    Finished WOD in 5:41 using 35# Kbs

    10 mins on the Airdyne…237 calories (still a ways to go on the 300FY challenge)

  16. Kristopher

    Back Squat PR 225# this could have been better if my groin wasn’t in pain. WOD time was 9:30 I used the yellow KB. I did a lot of work on the roller.

  17. Samm

    1@195(current PR)
    Failed 205. Sad day.

    WOD with Blue KB’s, 8:33 min

    Air dyne for 10min= 130 cals

    Accessory= 2 sets of 5 strict pull ups with skinny blue band
    1 set of 5 with skinny blue and red bands combined

  18. Tiffany Carley

    Well I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a PR today. But now Marcos knows im human. 🙂
    Congrats to everyone who made a PR today!
    5 @ 160
    3 @ 185
    3 @ 210
    1 @ 240
    1 @ 265
    Failed my 275 & 270
    Next time I’ll get it.
    WOD used 44# time 14:40
    Tough one after all those squats.
    Honestly my lower body feels pretty beat up. I’m trying stretch and work on mobility better.
    Ran out of time for acc work.

  19. – Snatch High-Pull + Hang Power Snatch(below knee) + Snatch Push Press x3 – 5 sets- 185lbs

    – Power Clean + Jerk –—215 for 5 sets

    Snatch DL to knee + DL to knee to hip + Snatch Pull – 5 x 2+2+1—215

    3×5 good morning—115
    quad still bothering me.


  20. Ash

    Went by feel today on my back squats since it’s my first week back!

    I worked up to 205#…in my nanos. I figure it’s not a bad idea to lift in them occasionally.

    And I used 35’s for the workout and I managed to get just under 9 min. Getting back into CrossFit is so mentally defeating sometimes, but it’s time for me to finally break through the wall again!

    Pumpkin smoothie
    Protein shake
    Eggs w/ spinach/onion
    “Healthy” popcorn
    Turkey patty w/ brussel sprouts

    (I think I’ll try and frequently post meals to keep myself accountable)

  21. Teressa

    Worked up to 135lb for the back squat, which is the most I have ever done! I know it wasn’t the prettiest squat but it didn’t feel too bad either.

    Finished the WOD in 8:25 and used the blue kettle bells.

    Did the Airdyne accessory work, 95 calories.

  22. Tiffany

    I didn’t hit a PR on back squat. I hit 225lbs at parallel but I need to get over my fear of going heavy on these. 225lbs has been my old PR for awhile now. The WOD I finished in 8:43 I used the 44 lbs kb. Congrats to all wo got a PR, I’m going to keep working on them.

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