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General Fitness 09.30.14


General Fitness 09.30.14

Great work everybody who showed up Monday, So many new pr’s on BS!!!

Prep work
3 Min Airdyne @60%
1 Min single skip jump rope
2X10 Lat pull ups

Lvl One

400M Run
10 Strict pull ups
150 Single skip jump rope
Rest 1 min

Lvl Two
400M Run
2 rope climbs
50 Double unders
Rest 1 min

ACC Work
5 Min Rope climbs practice

5X5 Strict ring pull ups W/False grip
Cool Down
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  1. T$

    Warm up- substitute airdyne for 400 run. Good warm up.

    WOD level 2- 3+100 meter run. Finally got the j hook on my climbs. Yes. Doubles sucked my arms were pumped and heavy after the climbs.
    Acc- hook grip pull-ups scaled. I’m not very good these.

  2. BG

    Warm up did Airdyne. Felt good to loosen up the body. Was sore from yesterday.
    Level 2:
    Finished 3 rounds Plus 400 M Run, 2 Rope Climb and 2 Double Unders.

    OT: 2×5 false Grip Ring Pull Ups.
    Felt really good today!

  3. The workout today was a hot mess. The run and DU’s felt okay, but I need to work on my rope climbs again. They were pretty terrible! Fortunately, I had time and I got a chance afterwards to work on technique. Thanks for putting up with my crazy, B 🙂 Excited to be back in the gym again.

    Almond Butter Smoothie
    Baked Chicken w/ Rosemary & sweet potato
    Green Iced Tea w/ stevia
    “healthy” popcorn

    And maybe some brussel sprouts & Progenex Cocoon when I get home from work…

  4. Andre M

    WOD lvl 1-4 rounds legs felt heavy and sore today from the squats yesterday. I did both acc work. I need to work on my j hook and my false grip. I can do muscles ups only because I have some pretty good strength and endurance but my technique needs some work. Also note to self figure out how to do double unders. Good work everyone!!!! 🙂

  5. Today them hips and cheeks were sore! felt good to get running
    1st= 2:49
    2nd= 2:55
    3rd= 2:55
    6th=by the time i finished the 5th rd I was at 18:18 So Ran a 200M in the :42

    Did 2X5 Ring strict pull ups, was tired

  6. Ken

    5 rounds of
    450 meter legless row
    10 strict pull-up
    30 62# Russian KB swings

    Practiced false grip ring pull-ups and rope climbs. Worked on getting legs further up on each pull. Much better now as I can finish in 3 pulls.

  7. Kristopher

    WOD LVL1 I completed three rounds in the time allowed. I used a small band for pull-ups. My singles still need work. My legs were really sore from yesterday.

  8. Teressa

    Did level 1 WOD:
    1st: 4:06
    2nd: 4:06
    3rd: 4:02
    4th: 4:16

    Used a red and green band for pull-ups, they were really hard by the end!
    It was fun to try the rope climb again for accessory work.

  9. Cash$

    3 min airdyne
    3 min of testing shoulder to see if I could jump rope..felt ok 🙂

    4 rounds plus 400 m run of:
    400m run
    50 unbroken DU’s
    5 rope,pulls
    ***** happy my shoulder is responding much quicker than I expected !!!

    * best part of the day…helping Lindsey and Anna get their first J hook rope climbs :)) those girls are so strong and dedicated ! Love it 🙂

  10. Tiffany

    I did level two, this was a great combination of all my weaknesses haha! I only got through 2 full rounds I was slow on everything lol definitely need to work on it, However, I was proud of myself getting through the 5×5 on the false grip ring pullups, I made it through all sets slowly but surely!

  11. Trish

    Running is rough for me.
    WOD- Got 2 full rounds and 400m run 10 strict and 20 singles. Used the purple band.
    Practiced rope climbs.

  12. Samm

    lvl 1 wod
    3 full rounds plus 58jump rope into the 4th round. Started with skinny green band for pull ups on the first 2 rounds and moved to the thick green on the last two.

    Practiced rope climbs, then false grip rows (3×5)

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