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General Fitness 10.02.15


General Fitness 10.02.15

***SCHEDULE UPDATE*** We will only have an 8 am class this Saturday. If you can’t make that class and are looking for something fun to do get signed up for the elite pirate plunder adventure race.

2X10 Stiff legged DL2X50′ Walking high kicks
2 min of

Lunge right+lunge left+Air squat+Burpee(Jump as high as you can on the burpee)


3 Sets

2min airdyne ride or 400M Run

1min American swings 53/35 (This is not an all out sprint, just move quickly)

If you drop on your American swings there will be a 5 burpee penalty

****The transition from the Run/Airdyne should be No more then 30 seconds. rest 2 min in between rds

Dead lift Ladder

There will be 4 bars set up for men and 4 bars set up for women

men 135-185-225-275

women 85-125-155-195

Each athlete will have 30 seconds of work at each weight, The goal is max overall reps.

Form is everything on this. Don’t let the clock take away all the work that you have put in.
30 Seconds of rest in between weights. 1 Attempt.

3 rds

100′ Bear crawl

1 min seated toe touch

30 banded pull aparts

1 min butterfly stretch
Cool Down


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