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General Fitness 10.03.14


General Fitness 10.03.14

**Reminder**  This Saturday, October, 4th at 8 am we will have our Fundamentals Class: We will be focusing on the variations of the beautiful movement called the SQUAT.  If you have never had an in depth class on how to squat this is for you. This will be a FREE class to members so mark your calendars and lets get our SQUAT on. Please RSVP.

Prep Work
2X10 Banded Pull aparts
2X10 Drinking birds
2X10 Leg pumps

Weight should increase each set, if you end up at the final set and feel like you have more left over that is fine. Do not add additional sets to todays training.

For time 21-15-9
Dumbbell Hang-Squat clean-thruster 65/45
Toes to bar

ACC Work
3X10 Wall Facing squats W/PVC

Cool Down
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  1. Well Thanks to my lifting partner JD.
    set 0 135, 1-225, 2-275, 3-315, 4-365, 5-405, 6- fail 435 6-repeat at 315.
    All sets were unbroken lifts, till the 435.
    WOD: 53#kb’s the front squat got me on this work out I think right around 14min.

  2. T$

    Prep always good to loosen my hammies.
    Strength- DL
    125, 175, 185, 195, 215, 225
    Felt difficult by the last set
    WOD- used 30# DB and t2b. Time 12:38. I couldn’t get my timing on t2b so I had to knock them at in 2’s and that sucked ba!!s. Did the first set of thrusters in 11, ad 10. Broke the others up into sets of 5. Glad it’s over with.

  3. Jim

    Glad to see Deadlifts were back this morning haven’t done those in a while.
    135#, 185#, 225#, 275# and 315#x2, I made a mistake and should have gone to 295# before attempting 315#. I didn’t have any left in the tank.
    For the WOD I wanted 40# but I settled for 30’s, did it in 11:17. Thrusters always gas me.

  4. Jonathan

    Prep Work
    Went well, did both back and front pulls, two rounds, scorpions during warm up felt real nice.

    Deadlifts are fun. Worked with Mr. Dirk, got up to 455 for a triple on last set. Hasn’t felt that good in while.

    For time 21-15-9
    Either Friday blues or I was lazy, but felt dragging. Used 53LB KB’s, cleans were cool, getting out fo the bottom of the squat was another story. T2B first round broke into fives, second and third round were able to string together six through eight at a time. Felt good except for these hands!

    ACC Work
    Two rounds, 10, then about six.

  5. If you haven’t noticed I like to post my results as a journal entry, that’s just how I do it 🙂 With that being said, if you are easily offended you may not want to read this one.

    This morning was hard for me, both mentally and physically. Mentally I felt like I was getting kicked in the face with each portion of today’s work. I didn’t feel like a #boss when I (barely) got 205# for 3 reps, and I really didn’t feel cool when it took me over 12 minutes to finish today’s workout. But what I did have today was my “COME TO JESUS” moment. I realized how weak I really am right now, and I recognized how much hard work I’m going to have to put in to get to where I want to be, so the hardest part is over. I just hope that every day I have the fortitude to just grind it out, even if it doesn’t feel good.

    During my epiphany in the 21-15-9, I also started to laugh a little bit on the inside. I hear all the time that people think the general program is too easy. If you feel that way, you are LYING to yourself & your coaches, or you’re doing it WRONG. Even if I was in “good” shape that workout still would have been really hard. Wanna know why? Because I would have gone faster and harder than I did today. Check your intensity before you declare something below your level of fitness. Rant over.

      1. Meals (for Mandi): 😉

        2 scoops of coconut oil infused peanut butter before workout
        4 eggs w/ wheat toast
        Turkey Sandwich
        “Healthy” popcorn lol
        Chocolate protein shake

    1. Cash$

      Great blog Ash ! Real life stories !

      I do want to say though that I agree !!!!! I love our General Fitness programming ! B nails it for all levels of fitness 🙂
      And to tell you the truth I haven’t heard people say that it’s easy 🙂 I think people love it and get their hineys kicked if they put in the effort 🙂

  6. Dirk b

    JD pushed me this morning, DL’s sets went like this. 0-135, 1-225, 2-275, 3-315, 4-365, 5-405 and failed at 435… 6-315.
    Wod; 53#kbs was 14ish time fs got me.

  7. Sarah

    Today’s workout rocked!
    DL: 95, 135, 165, 185, 215, 235 ! For a PR as well 🙂
    WOD: 9:50 with 30lb DB and did knee ups. No acc work today because I had to jet out of there. Great day today. Felt good.

  8. Prep Work
    2X10 Banded Pull aparts
    2X10 Drinking birds
    2X10 Leg pumps

    Hamstrings were feeling this prep work

    225, 275, 315, 365, 405 called it this was really heavy

    For time 21-15-9
    Dumbbell Hang-Squat clean-thruster 65/45
    Toes to bar
    tried 65 for warm up and just felt heavy. Used 55lbs was hoping sets of 7’s for 21 that didn’t go as planned.
    got this done in 10:03 or 10:04ish

    ACC Work
    3X10 Wall Facing squats W/PVC


    Cool Down
    rolled out for a few minutes


  9. Christy K

    95 – 105 – 115 – 135 – 155 – 175

    WOD: 20# dumbells, done in 6:20 — May have been able to go a little heavier, I was pretty sore from yesterday though

  10. Tiffany Carley

    Deadlifts: 225, 255, 275, 285, 295 all for 3 reps. Somehow I only did 5 sets. Guess im not good at counting.
    WOD: used 30lb db and did knee ups. Finished in 11:10
    I’m super excited to be doing deadlifts. I did get a 60lb PR today so yay!!

  11. Vanessa Esquivel

    Deadlifts 115, 135, 155, 165 (old PR), 175, 180 (PR). The last set felt VERY heavy.
    Today’s WOD was humbling, to say the least, finished in 19:48.
    Used 25# DB, thank you Marcos for not letting me do anything lighter. I’m not sure why I thought it was supposed to be easier. Getting the hang of the movements was tough and my grip was shot.

  12. Samm

    Worked up to 165 DL and they felt very comfortable. excited to see where I’m really at with deadlifts, as I never really have yet.

    8:33 using the pink kettle bells, still need to work on T2B

    Grabbed the small red and small blue bands, did 3 sets of 5 strict pull ups after the accessory work.

  13. Jeremy Sinnes

    185,225,275,315,335…teaked lower back on this lift and didn’t do last set which was gonna be 365.

    I used 45’s. This was hard due to lower back issue but I think I could have gone heavier. Finished in 9:42

  14. B-

    Dreads-95-135-185-225-275-315. Using a sumo stance just to see what my hip/back can handle. It felt great prob could of pulled another 40lbs

    Wod…different story, went with 65’s and broke em up right away. 13:03 was my final time. T2b felt easy just lack of grip in the end

  15. Mandi

    Worked up to 215# on deadlifts which is a 10# PR for me. WOD used 30# DB and did a combo of toes to bar and knees to elbow. Still trying to perfect my technique:) I forgot my time…13 something.

  16. Ken

    Straight leg dead lifts…
    21-15-9. No squats, just 45# overhead press & toes to bar.
    Tweaked shoulder.
    Passed on the wall facing squats, worked a bit on kip progression.

  17. Sarah H

    PR’ed on my Deaift 210lbs only got two of the last set of three- it was good-
    21-15-9—– killer- I thought I was going to throw up- used 26lbs. KB and got stuck in the bottom more than a coue times- toes to bar felt good- I felt super out of shape- and Marcos said I need to pace myself- I was just trying to get through this WOD! Thanks for the push- 13:17 time I believe

  18. Teressa

    Dead lifts: worked up to 135 lb and this didn’t feel too bad.

    Used 20lbs for WOD and am trying to get better at toes to bar so worked on holding for 2 seconds with my knees up and not letting my legs swing back… this was really hard. Finished in 9:45.

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