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General Fitness 10.06.14


General Fitness 10.06.14

Prep Work
50′ Inch worm pushup
2X10 Drinking birds
2×10 Leg pumps

Dead Lift
Taking your 3 rep max from last week assume your max is 10-15% more and base your percentages for today off of that.

5X5 @ 70%
Make sure you are resting at least 2 min in between the sets
10 Weighted step ups (AHAP)

10 Perfect Push ups
****This WOD Today shouldn’t be too fatiguing. It will progressively get more challenging the next few weeks.
ACC Work
2K Row For time

Cool Down
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27 Responses

  1. BG

    Prep work was much needed. Really helped to loosen up the hammy’s 🙂

    Haven’t done deadlifts in over 4 months. So wasn’t sure where to start.
    Warm up to 275lbs and stayed at that for the rep/rounds.

    1st WOD: used 44 KB for the box step ups. Last two rounds were pretty tough. Did make 10 reps every minute.

    2nd WOD: I did 12 perfect Push Ups every minute for the 7 minute time cap. Felt good on those. Not use to doing close or narrow push ups.

    OT: 2k row….. Didn’t do so great. 8:40 🙁 🙁 I was hurting!!!

  2. Jim

    Really liked seeing the DL’s coming back. Based my number on 325#, used 225# for all 5 rounds was actually fairly easy – I hope we will be doing more in the weeks to come.
    Used 44# for step ups, last 2 rounds were pretty tough.
    Due to my past shoulder surgeries I really can’t do Perfect Push-ups so I spread out a bit, the last round was a lil tough.

  3. Irina

    Didn’t have a 3RM so worked up to 225×3 and going to use that number.
    44# for step ups.
    Got done with all push ups in 15-18 sec.
    10:06 for the 2K row, I only sprited on the last 500m.
    Good burner.

  4. Prep Work
    Inchworms suck, lol. They are actually getting easier so thats good.

    Dead Lift
    Used 325lbs
    felt good. Heavier would have really sucked and prob would have needed longer breaks

    7Min EMOM
    10 Weighted step ups (AHAP)
    Used the 88lb in goblet hold.
    This was way harder then i thought. Failed round 6 only got 7reps was able to get 10 the other rounds.

    7Min EMOM
    10 Perfect Push ups
    did ring dips. Was really hard , had to mentally push today… Failed round 6 and only got 7 every other round 10

    2K Row For time:
    had nothing left rested 5 min and right into it.
    8:51 and i felt like i pushed, lol

    Cool Down
    Ill take the row as my cool down:)

    Overall good day i felt like a got a good mental training day of pushing past my comfort zone.

    rolled my ankle on the way down from the step. Hopefully it feel ok tomorrow.


  5. Trish

    Did deadlifts 6sets of 3 working up to a heavy. Worked up to 155lbs.
    WOD- weighed step ups – used blue KB
    WOD- perfect pushups – from knees.
    Did the 2k row at a regular pace 10:45
    Good workout today! 🙂

  6. Nic

    Deadlift 5×5 with 315#
    7×10 box steps with 70#kb
    7×10 pushups had to break up into sets of 2&3 after round 3
    2000m row @ 8:14

  7. Will Bradford

    Oh yes! Deadlifts! I missed last Friday but it’s ok I did 5×5 @ 285lbs and it felt great last set got a little sloppy at the end. 7×10 step ups did 8 on average 7×10 push ups did 10 very ugly push-ups and my shoulders are dead!!

  8. Tiffany Carley

    Deadlifts- 5×5 @ 235
    WOD: started with 53kb for step ups and finished with 44kb. Push ups from the knees for the majority threw in a few from the toes too.
    2k row 9:10 tried to keep up with Marcos on the row. 🙂
    It was rough today. My legs just felt tired and sore.

  9. Mandi

    Deadlifts: 5×5 at 165#
    WOD did 5 rounds of step ups with 55# kb, last two rounds with 43#. First 5 rounds of push ups did only 8 in order to maintain form, last two rounds did 5 regular push ups and 5 from knees.

  10. Vanessa Esquivel

    Worked with Super Samm on the 5×5 DL at 145#.

    10 weighted step ups with 44#. Went unbroken on the first 4 rounds then broke the last few rounds in 5s, then 4, 4, 2 for the last round. I was very tired by the end of those, felt very difficult. I did all of my push-ups from my feet with the exception of a few that I could barely make it up on. Broke the push ups into 5s and then 2-4 at a time by the end of it.

    ACC Work
    Did the row for a cool down but I was working at about 80% effort, cheeks were feeling it getting off the rower so I took some time to roll out.

    I’m curious to see what the next few weeks are going to look like if its supposed to get more challenging than that….

  11. Samm

    145# DL, 5×5 felt really good and comfortable! Vanessa and I cruised right through them.

    Used 44# KB for the step ups, which felt comfortable. Biceps felt it more than legs.

    Push. Ups. Suck. Did all from my knees in order to have decent form. First 4 rounds did all 10, 3 rounds did 8, 2 rounds did 6, last round did 5. Ouch. Big weakness for me.

    First 2k row ever, 8:55 which felt good overall. Nice to have a number for this since my 3 month goal is to get this down to 8:15-8:30.

    Definitely felt smoked after the entire work out. Booty is going to be sooooooore tomorrow.

  12. SDL For reg DL at 225 and felt easy glad to see that my hip/back didn’t explode!

    7min emom weighted step ups, did the first 5 sets all at 10 reps 88lb, then dropped to 70lbs and got 7 reps for the last 2 rds,….Felt HEAVY! On the outside big tire around 24″

    7min emom did lvl two with strict ring dips did them in 4-3-3 each rd

    ACC Row 7:41? Joe made me try and row faster and faster

  13. Ken

    Stiff leg dead lifts 95#, 115#, 135#, 155#, 155#
    Farmers carry 62# kb
    1 set of push- ups then strict ring dips. Came up short on the last set 😛

    ACC row (straight leg) 8:14

  14. Sarah H

    Dead lifts – 175 lbs. 5×5- all completed!!! Step ups on tire started with black KB completed 2 rounds, then yellow KB for the rest of the rounds! This was super hard… And push ups are killer- did all sets on knees I tried a couple real push ups and failed- I need to get stronger arms

  15. Ash

    Brought my mom in to the gym! She had a blast! She fell in love with everyone at the gym! Thank you guys for the hospitality!

    Last week I struggled with the deadlifts, so today I just went by feel and did what felt do-able. Did 185# for the first 2 sets & 195# for the last 3, felt decent today and Marcos gave me some good cues!

    WOD was really tough at 53#, but B told me he wanted it to be really heavy for me today. Push-ups were just plain hard, my arms were all blown out from holding the KB up.

    For the cool down, my mom and I worked on some core strength…she did Russian twists and I did some hollow rocks.

  16. DBG

    265 for DL. felt pretty good.
    63kb for all rounds, only set it down once.
    Ring dips 4-7 per round added push-ups after fail on rings

  17. Nikki

    Deadlifts (first time) 145 4×3
    Step ups w/ yellow kb felt great
    Push up from my knees really sucked the last 2 sets
    Looking forward to learning more and pushing myself.

  18. T$

    Sweet DL been waiting for this.
    Enjoyed the prep my hammies are always tight.
    DL 5×5 175# felt good like I could do more.

    Step ups used 53# KB for the first 4 rounds. By the third round had to break up into 2 sets of 5. By the 4th round I felt like I couldn’t breath and my arms were getting very fatigued. Used 44kb for the rest and broke then up into sets of 5 the last two sets of 3 and 2.
    Push ups did 10 perfect scaled push-ups thinking next time I should just do regular but decrease the # to 7 or 8 but maintain. Not strong enough for 10’s yet.

    2k row 9:21 my last time was 10:02 so I was happy with it.

  19. Tiffany

    I did 185 lbs for DL then the box step ups I used 53 lbs kb all the way up until the 2nd to last round the last 4 reps I went down to 44 lbs kb and last round finished with 44 lbs the pushups the first round I was dead only did 5, all other rounds I did 10 pushups! Talk about jello arms afterwards haha.

  20. Cash

    Deadlifts 3×5 at 175 and 2×3 at 185
    Testing my strength and shoulder on different weights
    Used 16kg KB for all rounds, felt pretty easy but that’s ok
    First time doing push-ups post-surgery 🙁 humbling !!
    Played with several options but got through it

    Rowers were busy so Sarah and I went for a 10 min run 🙂 great way to end the workout :)) thank you Sarah !!!

  21. Teressa

    Dead lifts 5×5 @ 135
    For the WOD used a white kettle bell and a shorter tire (not the shortest though!)
    Definitely had to do push-ups on my knees. Managed to do 10 for each round, but took me the entire minute on the last round.
    Finished the 2k row in 8:40

  22. Kristopher

    Dead lift 245# 5×5. Have not done dead lifts since high school. WOD 53# KB and perfect pushup. Towards the end I was really feeling it.

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