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General Fitness 10.07.14


General Fitness 10.07.14

Prep Work:

500M Row
3Min of jump rope work, if you can do the starting stage move on to the next
1. :30 of single under
2. :15Single leg jump Left+ :15Single leg jump right
3. :30 Double under
4. :15Single leg Double under Left+ :15Single leg Double under Right
5. :30 Triple unders….
6. Reverse Double unders…
Have some fun with this , Make Marcos Demo all of these movements 😉

50 Cal airdyne ride
3 Rds Of
10 Wall balls
30 Single unders
50 Cal airdyne ride
For time
100 Cal airdyne ride
5 Rds of
15 Wall balls
30 Double unders
50 Cal airdyne ride

If there are no airdynes available stagger your start times

Cool Down
Post results

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15 Responses

  1. Got slightly confused.

    Did a combo of level 1 and 2. So let’s call it level 1.5

    Didn’t keep track of time because, well… Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    Felt wiped afterwards. It was a good WOD.

  2. BG

    Really good prep work.
    It’s nice to get your heart rate up during the warm up.

    Was a little tight from yesterday but it all workout.

    Level 2: was off the Airdyne at 7:31 ( thought it was good till Dirk did his )
    5 rounds of 15 Wall Balls 20lbs.
    1st two rounds did double under, last 3 rounds switch to 90 singles. Doubles Unders were NO Beuno!
    Finished with 50 Cal on the rower. ( I think that it took longer then Airdyne)
    Total WOD Time 23:12

    Really liking these wods!

    Good work 5am!
    And #HBD Coach Marcos

  3. Dirk b

    Level 2 wod: 19:53 total time 5:14 100 call modified to singles( bum calf) 25lb wall ball 5 rounds 50cal air dyne 2:03.
    Nice wod today.

  4. Jim

    Did Level 2, 100 Cal @ 6.31, 20# ball and DU’s, final 50 Cal was 3:47 for a total time of 21:47. Felt like the final 50 Cal was real time super slow motion. Today’s workout was a real gasser.

  5. Marcos

    Prep was fun got to single leg doubles, getting a little better


    LVL Two
    For time
    100 Cal airdyne ride
    5 Rds of
    15 Wall balls
    30 Double unders
    50 Cal airdyne ride
    Got it in 16:33 got off the first air dyne under 5 min felt good. Wall ball with 25 lb ball. Did them in 8/7 with longer break then I wanted to. Doubles were ok only did middle 3 rounds unbroken.

  6. Teressa

    The prep work today was really fun- still working on those double unders!

    Did level 1 WOD:
    14 lb wall ball, tried to really work on getting that ball up high
    Definitely felt it at the end on the airdyne!
    Finished in 9:37

  7. Rema Imperial

    Sorry late post but I did level 2: time 36:52. I think there’s something wrong with the airdyne I was on. the cal count was counting really slow. But maybe I just needed to pedal harder. Awesome WOD!:)

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