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General Fitness 10.08.14


General Fitness 10.08.14

***Reminder*** Thursday,  we have our olympic lifting class. If you feel like you need additional coaching with the olympic lifts or feel like you are, rounding your back, starting with the bar too far away from your body, catching the bar with your elbows too close to your body, swinging the bar away from your body, bending your knees instead of your hips, this class is for you. For those that have thought about maybe jumping to the competitive programing which is very high volume and requires a great deal of commitment and efficiency in the olympic lifts this would be a good class for you. Olympic lifts are the best exercises to improve your strength, power and speed as an athlete. However, they involve complicated movements with a steep learning curve. Come join our Olympic Lifting Class this Thursday  at 5:30pm. This will be going on every Thursday (except when we have girls night). The cost will be $15 per class or if you buy 10 classes up front $120. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions. Look forward to seeing you all there. Like always please RSVP to  help us plan accordingly.

Prep Work
3 Rds of
5 Clean dead lifts
5 High hang clean pull
5 Power clean

Every 2 Min For 10 Min
High hang power clean+Power clean
Weight should be about 70% Of your 1RM on Clean

60M Sled push (EMPTY)
10 Pull Ups

60M Sled push With 90/50Lb added to it
5/3 Muscle ups

ACC Work
5X5 Croc Row AHAP
With a :01 Pause at the top of the row

Cool Down
Post results

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20 Responses

  1. Jonathan

    Cleans, worked on form at about 170 for two, high hangs are a trouble, 185 for two then finished at 215. No problem from the ground, elbows low and slow from high hang. Did level 1.5, no M/U, four and a half rounds with chest to bar. Bent over row, three sets with …. 53s?

    my lungs tell the story of the sled push. Enjoy folks.

  2. Jim

    Clean complex 135#,
    WOD Level 2, with C2B, 3 complete rounds plus sled push and 3 C2B. Good workout today. The sled pushes were kinda tough towards the last 50 feet or so.
    Croc Rows 53# 5 sets of 5.

  3. Took things light because I’ve somehow never recorded a 1rm for a clean. Also, I did a training run right before class.

    Oly: 65# felt good, definitely could go higher.

    WOD: 4 rounds and 1 pull up into round 5.

    Acc work: 25# for the first two rounds, then down to 20#

    Also: got to break in my new wonder woman wrist straps today!

  4. Prep Work
    got me warmed up. Good stuff

    Every 2 Min For 10 Min
    used 210, thought it was 215 but picked the wrong plates. this felt good worked on bringing my elbows back.

    LVL Two
    6Min AMRAP
    60M Sled push With 90/50Lb added to it
    5 Muscle ups
    Didn’t know what to expect with this. Overall felt good. First 3 round was able to go unbroken on the M/U. 4th round did 3/2. Ended up with 4+ 60m sled push.

    ACC Work
    5X5 Croc Row
    With a :01 Pause at the top of the row
    Used 75lbs dumbbell

  5. Sarah

    Oly: 85lbs. Didn’t know my 1rep for cleans… Could of went heavier but felt good.
    Did level 1 for the WOD.
    5rounds of sled push and 4 rounds plus 7 pull ups. (Almost got a full 5 rounds) used a green band for pull ups.
    Acc: used 35lbs for crock rows.
    Good workout!

  6. Trish

    Warm up used the 15lb bar
    Used 75lbs for the 10min clean work.
    WOD- empty sled and smaller black band. Got 4 rounds could’ve prob got 5. Next time.
    Acc work done.
    Good day.

  7. Eric Dean

    Cleans – 135# – stayed light to focus on technique
    WOD – 6 rds +60m +5 pull-ups – don’t have muscle ups yet so I did Level 1, cuz coach B said so
    Row – 65# – 5×5

  8. Ana

    Oly: 65 lbs, —-working on form,
    WOD: level one, used thin red band, I got 5 rounds in on the sled, and 4 rounds plus 5 pull-ups
    – Thanks Brendan & Marcos for the encouragement, it always makes me work harder!
    Row: 2 X 25 lbs., 3 X 30 lbs.

  9. Irina

    90 for complex. Hang clean needs work on catching the bad in elbows-high position.

    5 rounds plus sled push plus one pull up.

    Not happy with my performance today. If my pull ups aren’t all the way up I need to learn to no rep myself and pull harder.
    Fun one tho.

  10. Samm

    oly: 80lbs felt very light, but technique needs work.

    Lvl 1 wod, skinnier green band, 4 full rounds+ sled push& 4 pull ups on the next

    30 lbs croc rows, should have gone a little heavier.

  11. Vanessa Esquivel

    Prep work used a 35# bar, warmed up the body and got the heart rate going by the end of it.
    Used 70# for high hang clean, power clean, and I felt like I could have gone heavier. Marcos gave me some pointers to work on for technique. Did level 1 WOD and made it through 5 sled pushes and 3 pull ups. I used the orange band for pull ups, but it felt awkward so after the first round I just did kipping pull ups without a band. 2-3 at a time. I was having trouble with my pull ups today because I tweaked something in my shoulder last week. I’m trying to have more control coming down from the bar, but I am still working on them. Croc rows 5×5 used 30# DB.

  12. Tiffany Carley

    My 1 RM for clean is #120
    70% put me at 85lb for hang clean. That felt super light and way to easy. Should have done 90 or 95.
    Lvl 1 WOD
    4 rds + 1 sled push.
    Croc rows used 30lb db cause my coach told me to. That was way to light. I flew through those rows with ease.

  13. Clean complex all at 175, finding out that explosive movement is what bothers my hip/back. should of done it at 225—Def Not happening

    WOD Did level 2 and got 4+60M, Im pretty sure Marcos counted wrong cuz I thought he was at 5+60M.
    Just felt tired today.

    ACC-All at 44lb. wanting to make sure I am moving in the correct positions

  14. Kristopher

    Clean at 95# still working on form, but improving. WOD LVL 1 5 rounds plus 60m sled, assisted pullups with a thin band. Crocs 45#.

  15. Teressa

    Can definitely tell it’s exam week because everything seemed hard today.

    Really liked Marcos leading us through the warm-up, used a 35 lb bar, nice to have a little weight.

    Stayed light, probably too light- 70lbs but it just felt good to get moving and tried to focus on technique.

    Did Level 1 WOD
    Liked the sprinting with the sleds! The pull-ups with my usual double red bands were sooo hard today! It took all I had to do a set. Got through 4 rounds plus a sled push.

    Croc rows 20#

  16. Ken

    Cleans: 1@ 115, 2@135, 3-5@155
    Need to continue working on form…not weight

    Wod: 4.5 rounds of 70# sled push. testing Achilles and knees. Felt OK last night. Not so much this morning.
    Pull-ups rather than muscle-ups.

    Definitely got the heart pumping.

    ACC: 1st round @ 45#, then @ 55#

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