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General Fitness 10.10.14


General Fitness 10.10.14

Prep Work
2X7 Lunge strict KB press
2X:30 Soleus stretch
2X:30 Table top stretch
Warm up shoulder press/push press and split jerk

Taking last weeks heaviest shoulder press, push press and split jerk perform the following.
Strict press 3X2 80-90%
Push press 3X2 80-90%
Split jerk 3X2 80-90%
For time & From the floor
Front squats 185/115
Burpees over the bar
After the final burpee
800M Run

Cool Down
Post results

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  1. Dirk b

    Press3x2 @ 135
    Push press 3×2 @ 155
    No split jerks today.
    Wod: 135fs 17:34 or what ever time bg finished.
    I’d like to ran, but jogged an extra 800 with Miguel because in the dark I think he would have run 2miles instead of finding that. 800 mark on the road. I knew this was going to be a good one, and it was!

  2. Jonathan

    this was one of those where all the great plans in mind got thrown out. Forgot my numbers form last week, even though I though i remember posting.

    Strict with 165
    PP 185
    Spl Jrk stayed at 185

    Workout was fun, i enjoyed those rep schemes and combos, today all alot of cursing at front squats that felt heavy fast, @185, unbroken(21s), 5’s (15) then six and three to finsish. 12:04 … plus the team series later … Fun Friday!

  3. jramos1808

    BLAH!!!! This sod was tough for me. I haven’t gone below parallel since before The CrossFit Games

    Strict 155
    Push Press 185
    Split Jerk 220

    Wod: Rnd 1 175

    Rnd 2+3 145

    finished in 16:00

  4. Prep Work


    Taking last weeks heaviest shoulder press, push press and split jerk perform the following.
    Strict press 3X2 80-90%- Used 150lbs
    Push press 3X2 80-90%- Used 210lbs
    Split jerk 3X2 80-90%- used 250lbs
    Felt really rushed through this. did 115 for my warm up then straight to 150, then straight to 210 and straight to 250 missed my 2nd rep on my first set on the split jerk. Good part is i was able to hit these numbers without much warm up which i guess is good:)

    For time & From the floor
    Front squats 185/115
    Burpees over the bar
    After the final burpee
    800M Run

    This sucked.. Goal was to go unbroken for the front squats. had to break up the 15’s in 5’s lost some time there. burpees were slow. the first set of 21 took a lot out of me. Overall felt ok.. running felt better then normal so that was good.
    Time was 12:33

    Cool Down
    Fit aid and warm up with the noon class.


  5. Tiffany Carley

    Strict press 3×2 @ 90
    Push Press and Split Jerk 3×2 @ 105
    Ok, I’m not going to lie. I totally wimped out on the WOD today. I know running is a huge weakness for me and I think I was so worried about taking forever to finish that I went way too light on my front squats.
    Used 90lbs for front squat. Broke up into sets of (11,10)(10,5) and unbroken on the last set. I disappointed myself, I know I could’ve done the Rx.
    Time was 18:30

  6. Hannah Ramos

    55 lbs for strict press
    65 lbs for push press
    70 lbs for split jerk

    55 lbs for front squats…finished the wod in 12:42. The 800 meters took 5 minutes which I was happy with after feeling destroyed. Not a fun one for me! So my vote is a fun one for tomorrow 🙂

  7. Irina

    75, 85, 90 for the oly. I need to work on those split jerks!!

    Went with 95 for WOD the limiting factor was my cleans…
    Went unbroken for 21 FS, then broke in half the other sets.
    Finished in 10:23. I wish I could have gone higher on my FS tho. But it was fun!

  8. Nic

    Strict press 3×2 @ 135#
    Push press 3×2 @ 165#
    Split jerk 3×2 @ 185#
    Wod- 21-15-9 with 135#. Felt heavy. Legs are still sore from dl on monday. Finished in 14:21.

  9. Cash

    Well…..I did this.twice today

    Morning session: skill work on snatch movements over 15 min, up to 65lb spilt snatch ( taking it slow )
    Used 75lbs for FS
    weight was light so went through squats and burpees pretty easily, 800m run with Judith 🙂

    Njght session: worked on strict press 4×5 working up to 65lbs
    Push press 4×5 up to 75lbs
    Split jerk…being careful on this one, just 45lbs

    Wod: did pull-out instead of FS, 10 each round, then 21-15-9 burpees over ball, pushed the run tonight, felt good

  10. Mandi

    Strict press-75#
    Push press-85#
    Split jerk-85#
    WOD used 105# on the first set of front squats then went down to 85# on second and third. Finished in 13:00.

  11. B-

    Press-135 shoulder are still tight
    Push press 205- these used to feel a lot lighter lol
    Split jerk I forget what weight 205?/225?
    Felt ok

    Wod used 185, did sets of 5 for all of it. Started getting tight after the 15 set. Run was heavy and slower

  12. Teressa

    Strict press: 55
    Push press: 75
    Split jerk: 80

    Front squat: 70lbs

    Was pretty exhausted from a long week but it felt good to get my blood moving, felt like I wasn’t using as much weight as I normally could. Strict presses are hard for me, but getting better at split jerks!

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