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General Fitness 10.13.14


General Fitness 10.13.14

Prep Work
50′ Inch worm pushup
2X10 Drinking birds
2×10 Leg pumps

Dead Lift
6X4 Reps of 80%
Rest 2 min in between sets
5 Rds of
10 Front rack Walking lunges 53/35
10 Long cycle(KB Clean and Jerk)
10 Push ups

5 Rds of
10 OVHD Walking lunges 53/35
10 Long cycle(KB Clean and Jerk)
10 RIng dips

Cool Down
Post results

16 Responses

  1. Jim

    Based my DL on 325#, did 260# messed up and did 4 sets of 6 reps, seemed pretty good. Was a lil concerned about my Rt AC joint, I hurt it again last week on the hanging cleans, it seemed to be ok with this movement though.
    For the WOD I did level 1, and stayed light at 35#’s for each arm, this WOD was much harder on me than what I thought it was going to be, took me 16:42 long ass minutes. Was really wiped out at the end.

  2. Hannah Ramos

    I don’t have a one rep max so went with 105 lbs for the 6×4 deadlifts. Felt easy but it’s ok cause I don’t want to overdo it. Used the pink kettlebells for the lunges and the long cycle and did push-ups from my knees. Threw in some blue kettlebells for part of it but that didn’t last long 🙂

  3. Jeremy Sinnes

    I went light because of my tweaked lower back. I did 65% at 275 pounds dead lift for 6 rounds of 4.

    I used 44 pounds on KB’s of:
    5 rounds
    10 walking lunges front rack
    10 long cycle C&J
    10 push ups

  4. Tiffany Carley

    I went a little lighter than 80% today due to the fact I did deadlifts on Saturday.
    DL @ 245 4 reps 6 sets
    Lvl 1 WOD killed me!!
    Used 35lb KB for first 3 RDS
    And 26lb KBS for last 2.
    My legs were rubber by the end of the 3rd rd so went a little lighter so I could finish.
    Time was 20:32
    Loved working that hard. I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

  5. Will Bradford

    i felt good today but rushed myself in the warm up and tweaked my back a little working up to my 80% and did 5 rounds and didn’t do the wod my back tightened up real fast…mad at myself for rushing…i know better

  6. Did a little to much stretching for my hip today and felt a little wonky going into the Deadlifts, Pulled 2 sets at 275 and wasn’t feeling it so i switched it up

    Marcos had me to a different wod also
    30 Muscle ups for time
    Except with an additional dip and they were strict of course….
    Cant complain due to the fact that I haven’t done to many of them lately

    Ran 2 miles with Joe and Haines. Felt like we ran it pretty quick around 13:30?

  7. Cash

    Barbell rows instead of DL’s 6×8, build to 95lbs…watching
    For any additional stress on AC joint
    Level 1 wod
    Front rack barbell lunges ( F and R )
    Barbell cleans..trying to be quick and get elbows up fast 65lbs
    Push-ups,…5 from toes, 5 from knees each round

    800 m jog with the girls 🙂 love it !

  8. Tiffany

    OK thus one was tough for me. I completed all 6 sets at 215lbs. The WOD I did 30lbs dB and did overhead lunges, long cycles with this weight. & I did pushups instead finished in 19:10 I was last, but I finished it so I am happy for that!

  9. Jonathan

    well not the most timely post, but post nonetheless … so day after and ouch, can’t say i’ve felt like this before. I made it through all six sets, pulled 405, felt good through 22 repetitions, my last two slightly tweaked my back. If i’d listen to my body I should have stopped but. I took off a big bit.

    The workout needed to be modified due to lunges not being friendly (going on about three months exactly!)

    five rounds of, strict pull ups, double DB (45s) clean and push press, ring dips. Two out of three were movements that i’m struggling with. What felt like an hour later it was complete with a whole lot of sweat!

  10. Strength
    Dead Lift
    6X4 Reps of 80%
    Rest 2 min in between sets

    Used 345lbs for all 6 sets. 80% should have been higher but don’t think i could have handled that volume. Played it smart and based my number off of 425lbs which is my lifetime 3rm, and also my 1rm…. Goal is to beat that this cycle… Focused on really tightening my upper back on my pull and using my legs.

    Skipped the conditioning since i took monday off its going to be a long week so figured id skip the met con.


  11. Teressa

    Deadlift used 155lbs

    Blue kettle bells for walking lunges,
    finished WOD in 14:08

    Was feeling a little sick over the weekend and had a long week of studying the week before- definitely felt it today in the workout. Everything was SOOO hard.

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