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General Fitness 10.17.14


General Fitness 10.17.14

Prep Work
400M Run
2X7 Lunge strict press 35/26
2X30 Table top stretch


5 Min EMOM
3 Strict press 80-85%

5 Min EMOM
3 Push press 80-85%

5 Min EMOM
3 Split Jerk 80-85%

Use the numbers from 10.01.14 (click here)

Max Front squats
100%/70% BW
****From the ground

Cool Down
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23 Responses

  1. Dirk b 125 3×5 155 3×5
    S.jerk 205 1×3 1×2 1×3 at lower weight… DNF’d
    185 f.squats 22reps this was much tougher than than I thought it was going to be.

  2. BG

    S.Press: 2X120LBS 3X125
    P.Press 145LBS
    Jerk: 145LBS
    F. Squat 155 16 Reps.
    Was tougher then I thought or I’m not as tough as I thought 🙂

  3. Russian Princess

    70# strict
    85# push press
    95# for split jerks

    100# for FS I got 50 reps. Disappointed at myself for not finishing the last 30 sec on the bar, mentally just gave up. Honestly the cleans were the hardest part.
    It felt hard I promise and that is like nearly 75% of my BW so don’t judge me.

  4. Jonathan.

    Good times with the friends this morning. Didn’t feel my strongest, back was achy, but glad to have made it.

    SP – 150x first set, think 145 for the remainder
    PP – 185 for the five minutes
    Sp. Jerk – ended up getting four rounds in at… 195? Wrist and back didn’t encourage me to go for more.

    ?Workout …
    This needs to be programmed again, who can talk to CJ Martin, I want a second crack. Felt heavy from the start went at 215, made a punishing 31, first big set of nine then peeked through remainder.

  5. Jim

    Strict Press 85#
    Push Press 115#
    Split Jerk 4@135# 1@145#
    Front squats 145# = 75% of my body weight got thru 20, I bottomed out on all of them, was pretty tiring, I haven’t squated in a month, back feels good.

  6. Susana

    5 mIn EMOM: strict press-65pounds for 2.5 rounds
    55 pounds 2 rounds
    My strict press still is my weakest lift!! I coundnt do 3 reps unbroken at 65pounds. 🙁

    5 min push press: 65(2) 70(2) 75 (1) felt good…could have gone up a bit in weight.

    5min strict press: 90 pounds. Really tried to focus on the the jerk…. Still need to work on bending back knee on jerk.

    5min amrap: front squat 70% was suppose to be 115pounds did the first 10reps at 115 but had to drop to 105 and did 19 reps at that weight. Felt hard towards end.

  7. Sarah

    Strict 85x5min
    Push 105x1min 95x4min
    Push jerk 105x2min 95x3min
    105lb for 10reps and 95lb for 17reps
    I was very sore before today’s workout. Towards the end it got pretty challenging. Good WOD today.

  8. AC Joint has been giving me issues for OVHD movements so i did a nasty little bench/muscle ups combo
    Every 2 min for 10 min Max Dumbbell Bench press (One Set) then 3 muscle ups
    9-7-7-7-8 On bp with 65’s all unbroken on muscle ups

    3 Min emom
    10 Croc rows w/65

    No more weight at the 430 class so i went up…BW is 180 but 205 was gonna be the magic number today, 36 reps total and it felt good
    AIrdyned for cool down

  9. Andre M

    Strict press-135
    Push Press-135, 165
    Split Jerk-135
    WOD-35 at 165
    My it was a challenge but I loved it, more please it was fun!!!

  10. Eric Dean

    Strict press – 115#
    Push Press – 135#
    Split Jerk – 95# (worked on technique and almost have it dialed in)
    WOD – 38 @ 135# (still need some work getting my elbows higher but overall getting better)

    Weights were good but could have gone a little heavier….next time!

  11. Tiffany

    The strict press I did 80lbs. The push press I did 105 lbs. The split jerk I did 115 lbs. Only got 2 reps on my last set though I need to work on quicker feet in that split! The 5 min of front squats I did a total of 63 reps at 90lbs. That was tough!

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