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General Fitness 10.20.14


General Fitness 10.20.14

Prep Work
400M run
50′  Inch worm pushups
2X10 Drinking Birds
2X10 Leg pumps
For todays strength portion you will pause :01 at the bottom of each dead lift.  Comment to reply with increase of difficulty of this vs the touch and go style of Dead lifts.

Dead Lift
7X3 @ 80-85%
“Crazy 8’s”
8 Weighted walking lunges AHAP
8 Burpees
8 Strict chin ups

Cool Down
Post results

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  1. BG

    Prep work was great! Got a good stretch.

    DL: 275. Felt really good.
    WOD: 3 rounds Plus 4 lunges @ 53 KB.

    OT: 50 sit ups and 50 Calories on Bike

  2. Jim

    Love the Deadlifts! Did 7 sets of 3 @ 275#, last two sets Marcos had me pull the bar along my shins, felt totally different – thanks Marcos.
    For the WOD I used 2 44# Kb’s and strict in-banded curl ups. Got thru 3 rounds plus 10 reps.
    Good Monday morning workout!

  3. Mandi

    Stayed at 155# for deadlifts, still trying to work on form and keep my back straight. For the WOD I used 53# kb and a thin red band for the chin ups. 3 rounds + 20

  4. Prep Work
    Yup, run felt hard:). Inchworm don’t feel that bad anymore.


    Dead Lift
    7×3 used 355, felt good. Staying under tension and holding it for 1 sec was harder but it felt ok. Went up 10 lbs more then last week. Still not 76% of my projected 1 rm but feeling a lot more better on that first pull.

    “Crazy 8’s”
    8 Min AMRAP
    8 Weighted walking lunges AHAP
    8 Burpees
    8 Strict chin ups

    I used the 79lb KB. Lunges felt good. I think being short helps out:)
    chin up were the hardest, tried to focus on staying tight and strict chin ups, i am sure some weren’t perfect strict.

    ended up with 5 rounds. Didn’t have to break up the lunges

    Cool Down
    Fit Aid
    and General warm up with noon class


  5. Will Bradford

    so my back is better and felt good for the strength portion…went 70-75% of my 1rm 290lbs and only did 6 of the rounds.

    3 rounds and all the burpees of my 4th
    used 53lb kbs for the lunges
    and green and blue band for the chin ups, probably should’ve used a red band instead of the blue to challenge myself more.

    all and all today felt good!!

  6. Ana

    155 lbs, white/cream kettle bell…not sure what the weight is, but it was heavy… Thin red band, will definitely use a thicker band next time b/c I couldn’t complete them properly ..that being said, three rounds……

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Everything felt like it was taking forever and everything felt heavy, but it was expected being that I took a whole week off.

    I took my time on prep work today to get the most out of it.

    7 x 3 deadlifts at 170#

    Crazy 8s AMRAP, completed about 3 rounds using 45# DB and red band for chin ups. My forearms were taxed by the end of it and I couldn’t do a chin up so I doubled up on the red bands to finish reps.

  8. Tiffany

    Deadlifts 7×3 at 265
    It got really heavy toward the end. Staying active during the pause was super hard.

    Used #53 kb for lunges
    Green band for chin ups
    Made it through 2 rds + 8 lunges and 5 burpees.

    I thought the lunges would be what slowed me down but the chin ups ended up being the hardest thing for me to complete. My grip was gone after the deadlifts and holding on to the kbs for the lunges.

    Good monday! Love the heavy days.

  9. Samm

    170 for the deadlifts, felt challenging but do-able. Really made us work with those pauses, but I enjoyed them

    3 rounds+8 lunges+8 burpees
    45# dumbbells
    Green band for chin ups (most difficult part of that wod for me)

    Lots of stretching and cool down after. Felt so great to be back in the gym today!

  10. Jonathan.

    Wellp, last weeks deadlifts was the first time in a number of years that my body felt wrecked for a good few days after last Mondays’ workout. Felt good today though, didn’t think back could have handled the volume, so backed off.

    315 for seven sets of three. (about 70%)

    happy to do lunges again, went with the 53s, were three or four chinups short of six rounds. Burpees were fun, forearms fatigued from pulling. Good gasser.

  11. T$

    Prep- I loathe running even for warm up but it gets the job done.
    Strength DL- 170#
    Pause didn’t feel as difficult as I thought it would but I think that is because my DL I’d stronger.

    Crazy 8’a
    3+23 (couldn’t get that damn last chin up, no repped 3 times!!! Grrrr.). Used 45kb and skinny red band for chin ups. Chin ups were definitely the most difficult part of the WOD for me.

  12. Teressa

    Dead lift 7X3 145lbs for first 4 rounds, then 155 for the last three. Felt pretty good.

    Yellow kettle bells for walking lunges
    Red and green band for pull-ups; felt too easy at the beginning but was glad to have both bands when I was a few rounds in!

    Finished 4 rounds plus 8 lunges and 8 burpees, way more exhausting than I was expecting!

  13. saint6113

    7X3 53lbs for their lunges red band 2 rounds + 8 lunges thank you Will for that comment Don’t 44lbs get the 53lbs my legs were on fire!!!!

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