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General Fitness 10.20.15


General Fitness 10.20.15

Prep Work3 min row

3 min AMRAP

50′ Bear crawl

50′ Burpee broad jump

50′ Crab walk
2X6 Drinking birds

2X6 Leg pumps

1.5 hr row

For this pick a pace that you can maintain for the entire set. Joking…That would be torture.

10 min emom

Even min 5 Dead Lifts 275/185

Odd min 10 Burpees over the bar

****Deadlift weight should be easily unbroken. The burpees should be a sprint- If you are unable to get the burpees done with at least 15 seconds left adjust reps appropriately.

8 min emom

Even min 3 power cleans 225/135

Odd min 3 dumbbell complex (Push up+Row right+row left+Stand)

****Power clean should be heavy, quick singles. Take your time on the DB complex, body positioning should be controlled and neutral the whole time.

6 min emom

Even min 5 Power Snatch 135/95

Odd min Max air squats

****Its the end of this workout as we know it….Snatches should be quick but the air squats should be quicker.
The transition time in between workouts will be a mandatory 2 min
Cool Down


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