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General Fitness 10.21.14


General Fitness 10.21.14

**Reminder** Girl’s Night Out at  this Thursday, Oct 23. 5:45pm check in, 6:00 pm fun workout. Potluck and social afterwards. Come enjoy the fun, bring a friend, you’ll love the environment, the community of people, the energy and the laughs! Feel free to tag your friends and share.

Prep Work
50′ Duck Walk
2X:30 Soleus stretch
2X:30 Calf Stretch
2 Min Jump rope skill work

If you need any additional mobility pre-wod please try and show up a few min early today

50 Cal Airdyne Sprint
100 Double unders
800M Run
Rest 2 Min

The tempo of this workout should be a steady grind. After yesterdays Dead and lunges you should be able to move at a constant speed around 80% effort. Take advantage of the two min break.

ACC Work
3X:30 Hollow hold
3X:30 Side plank

Cool Down
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  1. Dirk b

    What a great wod, some people say we need more cowbell, others will say we need more time!
    Had to modify today with a bum wheel on the calf. So substituted the Du’s for. 40 step ups, and the run for a 1 k row.
    Round 1 8:45
    Round 2 21:40
    Finished the bike n 15 step ups. Got first 50cal in 1:36… The rest were right around 2min and 1:55 pace on the row. My chest hurts n not feeling so good, which is a good thing.

  2. BG

    Back & Hammy’s were a little tight and sore this am.
    Pre work helped losen them up.

    Did not do DU, as I started to jump I felt my left calf cramp up. So I did the following….
    50 Cal Airdyne
    40 Box Step Ups
    1000 M Row.
    2 Rounds Plus 27 Calories.

    Love the conditioning! Felt pretty much done after!

  3. T$

    Prep- enjoyed always love duck walks and my calves were nice and warm before the WOD.

    WOD- freaked out a little when I first looked and saw 25 min Amrap. Took me 5 min for my first 50 cal airdyne (I use tha same hard one to try and be consistent). That’s a little slow for me. DU took a while my first round and started my run at 7:23 and finished at 12:12. Started back up at 14:12 this time airdyne took me almost 6 min to complete 50 cal :-(. But I was much faster on my rope and finished by 21:45 ended the 800 with a time of 26:00 with some dry heaves. I am a slow runner and feel slow on airdyne as well. But I feel like I am making slow improvements. As long as I am moving forward and not back I am ok with that even if they are tiny little gains 🙂

  4. Teressa

    I am sore from walking lunges yesterday!

    I like doing jump rope for warm-up.

    Made it through two rounds with a minute to rest at the end.
    Did 300 singles instead of double-unders.

  5. Prep Work
    felt good after this.

    Doubles felt bad during the warm up

    25Min AMRAP
    50 Cal Airdyne Sprint
    100 Double unders
    800M Run
    Rest 2 Min

    First round in 7:19

    2nd took me i think a little under 8 min
    Ended up with 2 rounds = 400m run(came in at 25:05)

    ACC Work
    Hollow holds were really hard. Last week i did rocks this week only one set of rocks.

    did one set of planks.


  6. HeatherD

    Challenging! The Airdyne and DUs were giving me hell. Marcos let me know my right hand was doing all the work so that helped 🙂
    The first round was 13:58.
    I got through Airdyne and 90 DUs on round 2.
    Heather D

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Came in early to loosen up and it did me well. Jump ropes in prep work got my blood flowing.

    Completed 2 rounds with less than a minute left to rest at the end. Did 300 singles which felt like it was taking forever, probably should have just done 100 DU and it would have taken me just as long…next time! This WOD made me realize I have a lot of work to get to where I want to be conditioning-wise.

    ACC work 3X:30 hollow hold and 3x:30 side plank each side.

  8. Eric Dean

    Almost finished the 3rd round…shortened the run to a 200 and finished around 25:30. Double unders are getting better but still slowed me down.

  9. Will Bradford

    Love doing these WOD’s after mondays. i liked the WOD but i need to nail my double unders and i overstretched my calves in the warm up so i had no tension to help push me thru the running.

    1 round and was 400m from completing round 2 finished at 26:02

  10. Jonathan

    Better late than never, this was fun.

    Two rounds completed, into my third, just about through the jump rope. Used this as an opportunity to practice double unders. Able to string together bigger sets at times than I am usually able to. All rounds hit 50 double unders and about 130 singles mixed in, took awhile, running was good, second round felt amaxing.

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