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General Fitness 10.22.14


General Fitness 10.22.14

Prep Work
500M Row/2min air dyne/400M Run

3 Rds
5 Snatch grip deadlift
5 High hang high pull
5 Full snatch w/:02 Hold at bottom
10X1 Snatch
Work up to a heavy snatch

Level One

15 Min AMRAP
5 Power snatch @65-75% of heaviest snatch
10 Burpees over the bar
10 Wall Balls

15 Min AMRAP
5 Snatches 185/115
10 Bar Facing burpees
10 Wall Balls 12’/10′ W-20lb/14lb

Cool Down
Post results

12 Responses

  1. Dirk b

    Snatch work up yo 115
    Wod: 115snatch 12ft wb 10 burpees… Just shy of 5 rounds…I think… Got a little fuzzy on the counting.

  2. Russian Princess

    Worked up to 85# snatch but it was real a PR on power snatch and then an OHS… Now if can just get under the bar and combine the two, that would be great.

    WOD: mescla of LV 1 and 2.
    65# for power snatch
    Bar facing burpees
    10ft wall balls

    6 rounds+5 PS+9 burpees.
    I don’t know where my lungs went on that one. I still have crossfit lung.
    Good one.

  3. Jim

    Since it was a snatch day, Jimbo worked on Cleans since snatches and my shoulder are mortal enemies. I worked mainly on form for the Power Clean, got up to 165#.
    For the WOD is substituted Power Cleans @ 145# and did Level 1. Got thru 4 rounds plus 3 cleans. This wiped me out, I guess the little that I did was better than not coming at all.

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    Did prep work with PVC and everything felt great, need to work on mobility with the snatch though.

    No heavy snatch for me today due to shoulder, did cleans and worked up to 95 just working on technique.

    Level 1 WOD, did power cleans with 80#, and used 20# wall ball for round 1-2 and 14# wall ball for round 3-4. 4 complete rounds and 2 cleans. I was taking way too many breaks lol..

  5. Hannah Ramos

    Worked up to 55 lbs on the snatch and was able to do 60 lbs as a power snatch + overhead squat. Used 35 lbs for power snatches…shoulda gone heavier but oh well. 6 rounds + 5 power snatches. Good wod.

  6. saint6113

    Done two rounds 115 lbs then Marcos was like wiggy your doing power push press snatch and then he put on 75 lbs I want your arm straight so then I got 3 rounds +5 snatches + 4 burpees

  7. Andre M

    Still working on my technique chasing that perfect form. That being said 85 lb 5 1/2 rounds for the WOD. Should up early and did some shoulder mobility it really helped.

  8. Mandi

    Oly- stayed with 65lbs the whole time…continuing to work on technique.
    WOD-level 1-used 65lbs for the snatch and 14lb wall ball. Completed 6 rounds + 9.

  9. B-

    Well…. Today was a surprise, haven’t snatches in prob 3 months and ended up getting 215- missed 220 twice. Big confidence boost

    For the wod did LVL two with joe+ and this was a grind. Used the 185 for all snatches and barbell facing snatches with 12′ wall balls.
    5+1 snatch….I’m pooped really glad joe got to workout at the class I did. Don’t think I’ve pushed like that in a while

  10. Tony Stark

    Worked up to 245# on the snatch, haven’t hit that a couple months, happy about it and it felt great !

    Level 2:
    4 rounds +15 reps.

    Felt decent, hit a wall and struggled after about 5 minutes. Surprised that the snatches felt the best out of all the movements.

  11. Susana

    Kept it light and worked on technique…. Felt like I was doing it wrong but apparently wasn’t! Yay! Worked up to 80 pounds and did 3-4 at that weight.

    15 min amrap : kept it at 80 for first round…. Dropped down to 75 real quick ! Last 5 I dropped to 65… Technique was awful! Used 16 pound wall ball. Got 5 pounds +3 power snatches

  12. Tiffany Carley

    Well oly class is working!! Technique getting way better. Just need to work on mobility for OHS. Managed to get 85lbs today.
    Lvl 1 WOD
    Used 65lbs for power snatches
    Over bar burpees, only tripped one time.
    14lb wall balls
    5 wall balls short of 6 rds.
    Good day. 🙂

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