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General Fitness 10.27.14


General Fitness 10.27.14

Prep Work
400M run
50′  Inch worm pushups
2X10 Drinking Birds
2X10 Leg pumps

5X4 Dead lift 80-90%
For todays strength portion you will pause :01 at the bottom of each dead lift.  Comment to reply with increase of difficulty of this vs the touch and go style of Dead lifts.

10 Rds
10 Front rack walking lunges AHAP
10 Push ups

Optional WOD
3 rds of 500M Row
Rest 2 min in between rds
Cool Down
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22 Responses

  1. BG

    Was still sore from Franisty Land on Friday, but Pre Work helped.

    Deadlifts 5X4 @ 295. Starting to feel better at deadlifts.

    WOD: 1st 4 rounds used 35KB then switched to 44KB for the last 6 rounds. Broke up he sets of lunges into 2X5. Push Ups pretty
    Much unbroken ever round but maybe 2.

    OT: 3 rounds of 500 M Row.
    Really good Monday WOD!

  2. Jim

    Did DLs at 285# today.
    For the WOD I used 44#KB’s in each hand, I broke those up in 5’s the push-ups were unbroken. At Round 5 I really didn’t think I was going to finish all 10 rounds, but I did took me 20:58, I’m sure it wasn’t pretty. Marcos encouraged me to keep moving, told him my heart and lungs were quite fast while the rest of me wasn’t, thanks guys for pushing me today.

  3. DL: 215 for all sets.

    Time on the WOD was 11:15

    It hurt. Started with 35kb and went to 25db after 6 rounds. Push ups are still a huge weakness but I will work that out. First 5 rounds were perfect push ups last 5 were from the knees but with a straight back and chest to floor.

  4. Marcos

    Prep Work
    Fell like my running is getting better. Inchworms are felling easier, not dying. Leg pumps and inchworms felt those.

    5X4 Dead lift 80-90%
    Used 365lbs for this.10lbs heavier then last week. About 78% percent of projected one 1rep:

    10 Rds
    10 Front rack walking lunges AHAP
    10 Push ups

    Used 70lbs kb this destroyed me. Broke the push ups on the first round. Got 9+6 lunges. Now that I am done should have finished it:(

    Worked on some gymnastic stuff

    Optional WOD
    Will do later

  5. hannah ramos

    105 lbs for the deadlift sets.
    18 lb kettlebells for the lunges and knee push-ups. Finished in 12:32. Only had time for two rows, but averaged 2:30 for each 500m.

  6. Will Bradford

    300lb for strength part felt good but like that was killing me. It only got worse with the WOD used 53lb kbs and its like my body was just shutting down on me

  7. Tiffany Carley

    I had to scaled back a bit today. I wasn’t feeling 100%.
    DL 5×4 @ 225
    WOD: made it through 9 rds in 15min cap. Used #26 kb.
    It was super hard for me to go light. Next week hopefully I will be back to normal.
    I was worn out at the end and didn’t have enough energy to complete the rows.

  8. Jeremy Sinnes

    5×4 deadlifts at 315 pounds which is only 72% of my one rep. I went lighter due to lack of working out consistently lately.

    I used 53 pound KB and I was 1 push up short of finishing 🙁

    Glad to be back, now to be consistent

  9. Vanessa Esquivel

    3 x 4 Deadlifts at 175#, I should have dropped weight and finished… Marcos gave me a few pointers and I think I need to decrease my load and work on technique. My projected 1RM is 200# and I’m sure if that were attempted, it’d be the ugliest deadlift ever. Also, I suck at counting but I’m pretty sure I made it through 7 rounds + 9. I used 35# KBs for lunges, and after the second round it felt impossible to hold a proper front rack position. I did regular push ups, sets of 2-3 once I got tired, and the last 9 from the knees. 3 x 500 M row and some mobility.

  10. SusanA

    Worked up to 80% did 175 and then 180 to finish deadlift!

    Used the yellow kettle bells ….. I think those are 44’s
    And I did push ups on my knees but kept my elbows in tight! Finishes the 9th round! That was HARDER than I thought it would be.

    Rowed the 500m x3 2:13/2:07/2:00

  11. Today was a challenge for sure

    Deadlift pulled 225 which is about 47% of my best DL…Hip still doesn’t feel great with these

    Used 70lb kbs for the wod and on the last lunge of my last rd the bells started to drift out and i pulled em back in and it tweaked a wing… finished 10 rds in 14:09… Had no legs after

    Rowed 2:02, 1:58, 1:49…Felt pretty good by the last one

  12. Sarah

    Today was definitely a Monday for me. Hadn’t worked out in a week due to busy schedule. Felt good to get back at it.
    195lb for all deadlifts (a little less than 80%)
    WOD: 9 rounds in 15:00 time cap. Used blue kettle bells and knee push ups.
    Wasn’t feeling it today… Strength and stamina were lacking. Hopefully I get back to normal tomorrow 🙂

  13. Samm

    175# deadlifts, 5×4. Felt heavy but GOOD.

    Finished 8 full rounds plus 10 lunges. Yellow KBs, All push ups from knees, such a big weakness for me. Front rack was toughhhh. Doozy of a wod

    3 rounds of 500m rows @ 2:06, 2:04, 2:10

    Lots of stretching afterward, felt so great.

  14. jonathan.

    Well that got challengin really fast. Deadlifts haD to get out of my head. 225, 315 and 405 big jumps but was going on feel since back was wrecked last time Deadlift volume was high.

    It was fun seeing 530p set the pace used the 75s eeked out all 10rds in 11:42 a:cording to roommate Joe. Two or three big ses of 10 on lunge then broke up by 5s, same push ups fives then three and two.

  15. Cash

    DL’s at 185
    Used 16kg in rt hand and 12kg in left
    4 push-ups from toes, 6 from knees each round
    Decided to do AMRAP since I’m using lower weight with shoulder recovery. Completed 11 1/2 rds
    3×500 m row. 2:08. 2:04 2:00

  16. Trish

    Prep work good.
    Deadlifts – did 2 sets at 105lbs then did 3 sets at 125lbs which is not even close to 80% of my max but it was enough for today.
    WOD- Got through 90 lunges and 80 pushups in the 15min. They got really hard! My legs were super shaky and I almost fell over from my legs giving out. :/ used the pink KBs.
    Good workout! I’m beyond sore! Glad to be back!
    Oh ya did the 3x500m rowing also.

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