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General Fitness 10.28.14


General Fitness 10.28.14

This Saturday November 1st we will be having a mobility class at 8 am. This is a Free class. Also this Thursday our Olympic Lifting class  is back. Starts at 5:30pm $15 drop in fee or $120 for 10 classes. Don’t miss out on either class.

Prep Work
3 Min Jump rope work
Practice your Singles, Doubles, and speed on these. See how fast and slow you can move the rope

2X:30 Pretzel stretch
2X:30 Partner assisted hip stretch

Part A
Max unbroken wall balls-2 Attempts combined together for score 1 Min Of rest in between

Part B
5 Min of Burpees
Goal is to keep moving and not stop. However fast you go is up to you

Part C
1K Row for time

Max unbroken Double Unders
As many attempts as you choose. We will be doing some “Jumping” movements Wednesday

Cool Down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. T$

    WOD A. 32, 45= 77
    B. Burpees 58 did them dancing to “all about that bass.” Thanks Marcos for a good song to keep my mind off of the suck! By the end of that round I felt like my legs were spaghetti noodles.
    1 k row 4:42. Thanks Berno for pushing me. Goal was under 4:45!
    Unbroken singles first set 30, second set was crappy 21. 3rd set was good at 57. Stopped on a good note 🙂
    My butt cheeks and legs are sore from yesterday. I think I need a salt bath.

  2. BG

    Not going to lie….. I was not feeling it this am! Super stiff and sore from yesterday.

    Wall Balls 20lbs Round 1 @ 21 reps. Round 2 @ 17 reps

    5 Minute burpee: 67.
    1K Row 4:01….. That might be a new PR 🙂

    Feeling better as I stuff my face with food 🙂

    I will kill it tomorrow

  3. Dirk b

    Wall balls 64/10 yup 74 threw in the towel.
    51b burpees felt everyone
    1k row 3:25
    Unfortunately no attempts on double unders.
    That was a more painful work them it seemed it would be.

  4. Trish

    Prep – jump rope just worked on singles speeding them up and down. Still haven’t got a double under. 🙁
    Stretching was good!!!! In so much pain today! Oh man it hurts! But I pushed through and did better than I thought I would.
    Wallballs 12lb ball- total 34
    1st set-16
    2nd set -18
    5min burpees got exactly what I wanted-50—-10 a min
    1k row-4:47 not my fastest but still good for how sore I was (4:30 my fastest)
    Going to work on mobility all throughout the night.

  5. Russian Princess

    Loved working out with Mandi and Jen today. You gals are beasts!

    Wall balls 14lb 50, 40
    Burpees 70
    1k row 4:49- tried to keep up with Mandi on this one, she smoked me.

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    Wall balls – 6 and 27 total 33. I sort of suck at wall balls, but they will get better.
    Burpees – 80
    1000 M row – 4:31

    Just tried to keep moving, even when it felt uncomfortable. Good WOD today!

  7. Prep Work
    3 Min Jump rope work
    This didn’t feel good. Should have done more mobility yesterday/today did not think i was going to be this sore.
    when i started moving everything was sore. Back, glutes, felt my quads on the pretzel stretch.

    Part A
    Max unbroken wall balls-2 Attempts combined together for score 1 Min Of rest in between

    Got 25 then 30 with 25b wall ball, no where near the numbers i was going for.

    Part B
    5 Min of Burpees
    this felt way better, got 92 was going for 100 the whole time didn’t have enough juice to pick it up toward the end.

    Part C
    1K Row for time— this sucked, had no legs, plus i suck at rowing. 4:16

    got 96 for the unbroken doubles

    Cool Down
    foam roller, hamstrings, my pride:)

    Gotta say I am pretty beat up from yesterday/today. Glad tomorrow is Wednesday. Ready to finish mid week off strong!!


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