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General Fitness 10.29.14


General Fitness 10.29.14

This Saturday November 1st we will be having a mobility class at 8 am. This is a Free class. Also this Thursday our Olympic Lifting class  is back. Starts at 5:30pm $15 drop in fee or $120 for 10 classes. Don’t miss out on either class.

Prep Work
3 Rds
5 Snatch Grip DL
5 Power snatch

5 Attempts to work up to a heavy complex
Power snatch, Full snatch, +2 OHS

Level One

As Far as you can in 10 min
1 Pull up+1 Full snatch
2 Pull ups+2 Full snatches

Level Two
As far as you can in 10 min
1 Muscle up + 1 Full snatch + 1 Strict HSPU
2 Muscle ups + 2 Full snatches + 2 Strict HSPU

ACC Work
6X:20 Hollow rock

Cool Down
Post results

16 Responses

  1. BG

    Not going to lie but I was super sore and wasn’t looking forward to the snatch workout.
    Only because I haven’t snatched in a loooooooong time.

    Pre-Work was really good. Had a chance to warm my back up and work on form.

    5 minute Oly: started with the cold bar 🙂 then worked up to 115lbs. ( this is the most that I have done since Jan 2014 ) so I was pretty happy!

    WOD: Level 1 and 1/2 🙂
    95lbs OHS Ring To Hip Pull Ups. 6 Plus 4 OHS. Actually felt really really good.!!

    OT: kind a just layed on the floor 🙂
    Good work 5am crew!

  2. Jim

    Subbed a Clean complex for both Oly and WOD. For Oly I worked up to 165#, I failed in the Full Clean at 170.
    For WOD I did Lvl 1 with 135#, got thru 6 rounds plus 4 pull-ups. On the board it didn’t look nearly as hard as the actual work.

  3. Russian Princess

    Worked up to 75# for the complex, I wasn’t doing that wierd “split snatch” as Marcos called it, so that’s progress.

    WOD 7 rounds + 6or7 pull ups. Used 65# for snatch. Those were so bad. Like split-snatch-with-power-snatch-with-OHS-press-it-above-the-freaking-head-and-drop-it-like-it’s-hot snatch. Ugly ugly ugly. Not happy with that. I need to hone in on those.

  4. Jonathan

    Yo …

    Felt like it was taking a while.

    Complex was able to work up to 185, I was happy with it. I’m glad to be handling weight that is approaching my PR. Think I’ve been watching too many videos, found my feet getting happy and doing a lot of jumping. As I think about it, I think everything was going up and not enough back. Now if I can find an even medium.

    Level One-ish
    Subbed Chest-to-Bar for pull ups.

    Made it one snatch into the seventh round, weight was at 135lbs. My goals was to not miss a snatch, and I did jus that.

    Hollow holds, four rounds, then bolted.

  5. hannah ramos

    Worked up to 45 lbs for the complex. Completed 8 rounds for the workout using 35 lbs for snatches and did some pull-ups unassisted and some with the orange band. Two hollow holds.

  6. Tina

    Snatch Complex



    Chest to bar pull-ups
    95lbs for snatch
    Kipping HSPU

    6 rounds plus 7 C2B + 1 snatch

    6x:20 hollow rocks

  7. Susana

    Snatch Complex: worked up to 80 pounds… Worked on technique!

    10 min wod: finished 7 rounds started 8 th, finished pull-ups and got through 4 snatches. Stoped from 70 pounds after 6th to 65 pounds.

    Apparently I don’t know how to do hollow rocks…. :-/ lol so worked on that!

  8. Rema Imperial

    I got to 85# on the power snatch, full snatch and 2OHS. I did level 1: 6 rounds plus 5 snatch (65# and kipping pull ups ).

  9. Vanessa Esquivel

    Took advantage of the prep work to work on snatching. Used the PVC for the first round and 15# bar for the rest. I felt a lot stronger in my shoulder than I did last week.

    For the complex I did power clean, full clean, and 2 front squats. Stayed fairly light to work on technique using 65 for 3 and 75 for 1, failed at 95.

    WOD level 1 – strict pull ups with small red band to work on strengthening my shoulder, for round 6 and 7 I used small red and small orange band. Made it through 7 cleans and 7 pull ups.

    4 x :20 sec hollow rocks and 2 x :20 hollow holds. I have gotten a lot better at these, my core is getting stronger!! Yay 🙂

    Also worked on DU and those are getting better too!

  10. Oly partnered up with Joe and Only got 185 was hoping for 205 but i was feeling a little slow on my final pull

    WOD LVL 2
    6+11. W/155…Kinda upset cuz i thought i did the same as marcos and joe then after the workout they said they traded the tens out for 15’s…mentally beaten
    Hollow rocks did not happen it was comical

  11. Prep Work
    this always get me warmed up

    5 Attempts to work up to a heavy complex
    Power snatch, Full snatch, +2 OHS

    95,135,165,185 failed full snatch, but new i had it so went up to 195, and was able to get it.
    This felt pretty good. I think my 1rm on power snatch is 195 so to hit it in a complex, ill take it. Getting comfortable with this movement.


    Level Two
    As far as you can in 10 min
    1 Muscle up + 1 Full snatch + 1 Strict HSPU
    2 Muscle ups + 2 Full snatches + 2 Strict HSPU

    Used 165lbs for this, missed way too many reps. 4-5, missed 3 in a row on my last round. got 5+3 reps

    ACC Work
    only got 3 sets, 4th one i had to finish with hold, couldn’t rock.

    Cool Down
    Warmed up with 5:30 class


  12. Samm

    Worked up to 75# on the snatch complex, really trying to work on my form, definitely feel improvement. Need to stop “starfishing” so bad.

    7 rounds plus 1 snatch.
    #55 snatch; first 4 rounds unassisted kipping pull ups, last were with the skinny blue band.

    I can barely even do hollow holds, my back arches so much.

  13. RachelGarza

    Complex felt too complex… lol. I get confused with all the moves, but it felt good lifting. Only used 15 lbs bar then added weight to #25 then to #35. Worked on form and technique.
    WOD level 1
    #35lbs 8 rounds plus 9 cleans
    Used green and thin red bands. I think I’m kinda getting Kipping pull ups 🙂

  14. Ken

    Level 1 WOD today, modified with Power Snatch @ 95# . Not released for squats yet and the knees still won’t allow it. Frock!
    9 rounds plus 10 pull-ups.
    Hollow rocks were humbling. That’s always good.

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