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General Fitness 10.31.14


General Fitness 10.31.14

****Reminder**** This Saturday at 8am we will be having our mobility class. Please RSVP and don’t miss out.

Prep Work
500M Row
3 Rds
3 push press
3 push jerk
3 Split jerk
Should really be focusing on the speed of the bar and your footwork

20 Min To Find a max on
Push Press
Push Jerk
Split jerk

10 Heavy KB Russian swings
10 BW/70% Front squats

ACC Work

10 Turkish get ups each side

Cool Down
Post results

21 Responses

  1. BG

    FRIDAY..!! And I felt it.! Was tired but faught through it.

    Prep work woke me up.

    20 minute strength
    Push Press: worked up to 175. Failed at 185. ( although I know that I will get it next time! )
    Push Jerk: Stayed at 135 to work of form. Still not Te best at it.
    Split Jerk: worked up to 175lbs. Agian maybe could do a little heavier but felt like my form wasn’t all their.

    4:00 Minute WOD:
    155lbs Front Squats
    62KB for Russian Swings. ( felt my back giving out ) don’t like Russian swings.
    2 rounds Plus 4 Front Squats.

    OT: 5X10 bench Press @ 135… Just to keep it real!

    Peace Out!

  2. Jim

    Push Press 165# which is a new PR for me by 20#, the Push Jerk was 165# also, and the Split Jerk 170# was also a PR by 10#.
    As far as the WOD goes I grabbed the 62# KB, should have grabbed much more. For the Front Squat I loaded 145# which is 75% of my body weight. I was only able to do 2 complete rounds. The FS’s were the hardest on me I’m just not that strong.

  3. Russian Princess

    Push press 100
    Push jerk 110
    Split jerk 120
    Ran out of time and psyched myself out.

    95# for FS
    70# for Russian swings

    3rnds+17… 3 FS away from 4 dang it. Those FS killed me. Quite literally. Glad tmrw is Saturday. Have to do a lot of mobility and yoga to recover this weekend. It’s been a good week of training.

  4. Andrew

    Lets see if I remember how to do this…

    Push press 175 for new PR
    Push jerk at 190 for new PR
    I ran out of time and didnt even attempt a Split jert, Haines wouldn’t stop talking to me.

    WOD, 62lb KB 145lb front squat. I completed 2 rounds plus 16, just 4 squats short of 3 rounds. The swings were easy, should have gone way heavier, but the front squats were challenging.

    Happy Halloween and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

  5. Tiffany Carley

    Push Press 130 (15lb PR)
    Push Jerk 140 (15lb PR)
    Split Jerk 125 I need to work on those badly. My form is terrible.

    79 Kb for swings
    105 for front squat for rds 1& 2 dropped to 85 for last rd. I was having a hard time cleaning it.
    4 away from 3 rds.

    So lesson learned today is: I need to spend a Thursday working on my split jerk.

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    Push Press – 85, failed at 95 and at 90. That is 5# less than my PR 🙁
    Push Jerk – 90, failed at 100 and at 95.
    Split Jerk – 110 (PR), failed at 115.

    For the WOD I used 70# KB and 85# for front squats. Made it through 3 rounds plus 10 Russian swings. I like the WODs that you have to mentally push through, they’re my weakness!

    Happy Halloween!

  7. Asian guy

    Push press: 205
    Push jerk: 185
    Split jerk: 205 ran out of time to get more on there

    I think I PR on all.

    The KB above the white tape. I don’t know what weight that was. I did 135lb for front squat 70% of my body weight.

    I did 2 complete rounds and got 10 KB swings I tried front squatting but my legs were too fatigued.

  8. Mandi

    Used 115lbs for all three; push press, push jerk, split jerk. 20lb pr for all of those. Need to work on form before I increase weight on split jerk.
    WOD used 95lbs on front squat and 70lb kb. I was 2 FS short of 4 rounds

  9. Susana

    Push press: 95
    Push jerk: 115 (felt heavy today:()
    Push jerk: 125

    4 min amrap: ( 80 pound KB/ 115— 70% of body weight)
    Did 2rounds +11reps!
    Who knew 4min would hurt so bad!

    Turkish get ups: 35 pound KB

  10. Renate Thompson

    Push Press: 95
    Push Jerk: 105
    Split Jerk: 105– pretty sloppy, but I got it up.
    105 is my previous PR for all three of those, so that felt pretty good.

    WOD: 4 min AMRAP– you know its gonna be bad!!
    Used #53 kb, and #55 for front squats.
    Got 3 rounds + 10 swings + 2 squats.

    Felt pretty good today, slowly building my strength back 🙂

  11. Juana Castaneda

    Push Press : 55
    Push Jerk: 55
    Split Jerk : 55

    Used: kb 44
    Front squat: 55
    Got 3 rounds 10 + swings + 7 front squats

  12. sandra

    500M Row 2:14 time
    3 Rds
    3 push press
    3 push jerk
    3 Split jerk
    Should really be focusing on the speed of the bar and your footwork

    20 Min To Find a max on
    Push Press 95 100 105 110 115 120
    Push Jerk 120 125 130 135
    Split jerk 135 140 145 150 155

    4Min AMRAP
    10 Heavy KB Russian swings
    10 BW/70% which is 90lbs for little ole me for front squats.
    4+11. Its not clints fault. He said five as in five seconds and I thought he said time I could have gotten 2 more front squats.

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