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General Fitness 11.01.14


General Fitness 11.01.14

This Saturday November 1st we will be having a mobility class at 8 am. This is a Free class. Please RSVP and don’t miss out.

Prep Work
Team stretch

18 Min AMRAP
Teams of 2
10 Box jump overs
10 KB Snatches
200M Run
1 Partner must finish a rd before switching
The person who is “resting” will have to complete 10 TTB Also

Cool Down
Post results

4 Responses

  1. Tina

    Juana and I got 8 rounds I think :/ We did the 800 x 3…

    I would currently like to eat a horse….I love the workouts that cause you pain and suffering

  2. Samm

    v and I got 9 rounds, plus 10 box jumps! Fun work out!

    Finished 3 800’s which I did not start out enthused about but am truly glad I did! Running is a major weakness and glad to have worked it today! Thanks for making it fun girls!

  3. Teamed up with Joe. Thought this was going to be easy. Used 70lb KB. Have no idea how many rounds we got, after a couple realized clint and Daniel were on our butt, so just focused on not letting daniel pass me, good push today, after that did not do B’s madness of running, but still got suckered into rowing. did 2x500m then 4×250 row, took 2 min rest on the 500 and 1 min on the 400’s overall a good Saturday, worked double under. New goal is 100 double unders unbroken 1 min rest for 3 rounds. Need to practice this 3 times a week.


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