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General Fitness 11.02.15


General Fitness 11.02.15

Prep Work3X1 Min Row+5 Burpee high jump

1 Min Hurdle stretch Each side-Contract relax
2X 10 Banded resisted squats-Strap a band to the pull up rig about knee high. Step into the band and step back to where there is tension pulling your knees in and perform the 10 squats. Keep those knees out

2X10 Walking high kicks



Front squats


****Make sure this weight is the same used for all sets, keep in mind Technique/control of the weight is more important then a heavier weight.

3 rds for time

5 Weighted burpees

5 Hang power clean

5 Strict press
Rest 5 Min

Repeat 3 rds

****Goals for this workout

1. Use a weight that you can go unbroken with for each rd.

2. Keep a consistent planned out pace for each rd

3. Your second time through the sets should be a within :10 of original time


1 set-Jump on the gold air dyne and see how high you can get your RPM’s And how long you can maintain that pace

3 Sets

20 Walking lunges (10R+10L)

1 Min squat hold

10 Push ups

1 Min Pancake str.
Cool Down


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