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General Fitness 11.04.14


General Fitness 11.04.14

Prep Work
2 Rds of
50′ Butt kickers
50′ High knees
50′ Bounding
50′ Walking high knee-lunge
50′ Carioca

3X400M+10 Wall Balls

1 Min of rest in between rds

50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

If you have done this workout before and you would like to “anchor” your feet is OK. If not please attempt without a anchor
Cool Down
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30 Responses

  1. Russian Princess

    8:18 on first WOD -Andy the Asian Guy kicked my butt. Thanks for the push!!
    8:26 on Angie-I need to get those DUs.
    Acc work- handstand push up progression with Marcos.

  2. Sarah

    Today was rough. Had only worked out 2 days in 2 weeks and had too many celebratory drinks last night but I managed to finish the work out! First was 11:13 and second portion was 13:10. I did singles instead of DUs.

  3. Samoan Suga

    Let’s see if I remember doing this.

    I don’t remember my time for the 1st WOD. Ran 400m the first round, rolled my ankle, not cool, frustrating. The last 2 rounds, did rowing.

    2nd WOD did singles. Finished at 15 minutes. My ankle is killing me now.

  4. Renate

    11:23 on first WOD- been a long time since I’ve done any running
    14:26 on the second. Did singles instead of double unders, and modified the situps to 40, 30, 20, 20, 10.
    All in all felt OK though, definitely enjoyed the hard work today!

  5. Eric Dean

    WOD 1 – 7:33 – legs were a little heavy after yesterday but overall i felt pretty good

    8:07 for Annie – the new rope really helped with the double unders but there’s still some work to do. Situps were no problem.

  6. Prep Work
    Yup, this sucked

    3X400M+10 Wall Balls
    2nd 1:54
    3rd 2:04

    total time 7:47

    50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

    this was a lot harder then i thought
    7:25 sit up sucked


  7. Ken

    Prep work: banished to the Airdyne :/

    WOD 3X 500m rows & 10 HS push-ups. Had too much fun to keep track of time…

    “Bad Annie”
    50-40-30-20-10 Push-ups & sit-ups.
    Seemed like a good substitute for DU’s. Wrong.

  8. Prep hopped on an AD Before class for 4 min just to get moving and helped with the workout.
    2rds of all the runners prep felt good as well

    Running+wall balls felt great…except the downhill run was fatiguing my back a little bit
    Eric was a great partner for this workout…Even though i didn’t like it at the time. Dude can run and it makes me run that much quicker! Oh! Also used the 25lb ball. Overall time was 7:08

    Annie-Oh how i hate you so. I Have issues when it comes to sit-ups my hips suck! 7:56. I should be able to keep up with Joe clint and marcos but oh well….

  9. Angel Betancourt

    Kicked A$$ beat Schafer pretty much the whole workout, but I’m there for other reasons that is just a perk. Marcos I left my time on the board post it here, thanks bud.

  10. Trish

    Ok so today was tough but Im glad I made it in there before work! Running is not my friend but gotta work on it. My hamstring is being weird so going to do some extra stretching.
    WOD 1-12lb ball-11:35
    WOD 2(Annie)- Singles 12:54 PR!!!! Yay! Last Annie time was 15:17
    Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone I really needed it today. 🙂

  11. Cash

    Running WOD
    Finished 7:57. Tried to beat the boys’ stellar times for the day but dang …they are too quick for me !

    ANNIE : felt good on this one
    Finished 5:41

    Giving my shoulder a break for the week..enjoying general fitness ! Love the programming B :)))

  12. HeatherD

    The running one I got 9:55
    And Annie I got 9:40
    🙂 I can’t remember what my last Annie was.
    Good times!
    Tashina kicked out butts!!

  13. Tanya GL

    3X400M+10 Wall Balls

    Finished in 8:39. (2:08, 2:12, 2:19)
    That sucked.

    1 Min of rest in between rds

    50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

    7:59 Double unders went ok, but drug through the sit ups. Got some work to do. 🙂

  14. Samm

    Total time 9:31
    2:09 (this is where Gina said “keep up with me Sam”)
    3:09(this is where my legs said don’t keep up with Gina next time Sam)
    Used 14# ball.
    Running feels better lately.

    11:53 for Annie, doing single unders. Sit ups… Gross.

    Then a little accessory work of 5×2 tempo push ups with 8 second descent.

  15. Vanessa Esquivel

    Runners prep gets me every time, and I’m pretty sure I say that every time!

    3 x 400 m + 10 wall balls w/ 12# ball
    Finished at 8:25.

    “Annie” in 11:36.

  16. Tiffany

    I finished the 3 rounds of 400m in 8:19 & the Wall balls I used the 14 lbs ball, Annie I finished in 13:54 I actually did double unders slowly but surely!

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