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General Fitness 11.05.14


General Fitness 11.05.14

Prep Work
2Min Airdyne Ride
2X10 Push ups
2X:30 Hollow hold

Warm up the following movements/find appropriate alternatives if needed.

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
30 cleans, 155/115
20 muscle-ups
Scale Accordingly

Cool Down
Post results

*****This is a de-loading week for us so try and fight the urge to add additional work.

26 Responses

  1. BG

    Lovin Da Deloading week!

    Pre Work was good. Got the blood flowing a bit.

    WOD: 60 Cal Row. 3:40
    50 T2B…. 10,10,5,5,5,3,3,3,3,3
    DB Seated Press: 35KBs 10,10,7,5,5,3
    Power Cleans @ 135 22 Reps.

    GREAT WOD. 5am Crew killed it!!

  2. TOY

    Prep works …feel great.
    50 Knee ups…EASY
    40 Push Ups
    20 real push ups and 20 on knee
    Power Clean 65# 10 reps….wish I could of done more. But over all is a great morning workout!!!!

  3. Dirk b

    This was an OH BILLY workout for me…
    Row 2:15
    Got crushed at T2B 5’s to singles too many to list.
    44lb on strict press that weight got heavy.
    155#cleans 24-28 honestly lost count, started out with 8 then singles with recovery rest then finished with 4 reps.
    Love lifting the weight and not being able to breath.

  4. Russian Princess

    4:30ish for the row.
    Those T2B quickly became knees to chest. I need to work on these.
    Push ups were half handstand off a box. Last 7 were regular push ups.
    3 cleans in at 95#.

    Took a 1 min break, lowered to 85# and finished the cleans in 3 min.
    No energy to do any of my usual acc work. I’m dead.

  5. hannah ramos

    That 60 m felt like it was endless…I think it was around 5 min. Did about 25 t2b and then the other 25 were feet in the air 🙂 barely made it through the 40 push-ups from my knees.

  6. Wendy

    60 cal row — 4:30 ish
    50 knees up — my shoulder will finally hold me up!
    40 kettle over head — ugh!!!
    13 cleans at 55#.
    I didn’t die 🙂

  7. Renate T

    60 cal row took about 4:25
    50 knee ups
    40 double KB press, 18 lbs
    27 Cleans at 55 lbs
    Pretty sure I’ll be feeling this tomorrow.

  8. DBG

    Thanks for stabbing me in the abs again 🙂
    Warm up was good, stuff I’d do naturally. Wod was glorious; 220 row, sets of 5 tb, sets of 5 hp, 12 cleans at 155

  9. Vanessa Esquivel

    60 cal air dyne in 4:05 and I couldn’t feel my legs.
    50 knee raises 10 and 4-6 to finish.]
    40 seated press w 18# KBs
    14 power cleans at 85#.

  10. Teressa

    60 cal air dyne
    50 knee raise/kipping things, 10 at a time, 5 near the end.

    whoops, got these two mixed up:
    40 power cleans (65 lbs)
    30 push ups, on my knees

    18 pull ups, red and green band

  11. T$

    Good warm up.
    WOD- airdyne 60 cal took me 4:17 felt good about my time but I want to improve it.
    Did 4 t2b and said heck no (abs sore from yesterday!!!!). finished with a kip and knees in sets of 10 mostly a couple sets of 8 somewhere in the end.
    Used blue KB for shoulder press. Started with sets of 10 but fatigued quickly and went to sets of 5’s and then 3’s.
    Cleans – 25 total with 85#’s. Frustrated that I didn’t finish the cleans. Some in sets of 5.

  12. Tiffany Carley

    60 cal row 4:05
    50 knee ups broken into sets of 10 and then 5
    40 shoulder press with #35kbs broke those into sets of 10,5 and the last set of 5 was singles. My shoulders were dead after that.
    11 cleans @ 95lbs.
    My goal was to get 15 cleans, I was so close.

  13. Mandi

    60 calorie row- 3 something, I forgot to look at the time
    50 toes to bar. Did the first 10-15 then went to knees to chest
    40 push ups. Did 10 push ups then finished with kb presses
    21 cleans @85lbs

  14. Cash

    60 calorie airdyne
    50 t2b…. Started with 2 rounds of 7 strung together,then backed off
    To lower sets to,protect shoukder
    40 KB press
    30 cleans @ 85lbs…. Partnered with Vanessa 🙂
    20 pull-ups
    ** felt good to finish in the 14min but hoping to do it RX SOON:)

  15. Peter Parker

    Another mentally tough workout….Happy with the results though, got done with the row and toes to bar fairly fast. HSPU were tough and was just trying to get ahead of brenden cause I knew he would catch up on those, stayed ahead of him until then.
    Caught up on the cleans, stayed on the bar the whole time and felt like I got those done pretty efficiently. had about 2 minutes left and had no gas left..ended up with 11 or 10 reps…not sure, but I got pushed by B alot which I’m happy cause it kept me moving and working hard ( Oh and Marcos yelling at me and helping out also :).)

  16. Trish

    Today was a great day to workout! Feeling good.
    WOD- Row 4:39
    T2B-did knees to chest as best I could. they sucked started doing sets of 5-7 then singles.
    Did pushups from knees for all of them except tryed to do the KB press with 18s and they weren’t going so well so just went back to pushups.
    Cleans-65lbs did 25 of them! Yay. 🙂

  17. Samm

    What a fun wod!

    60 cal row in a little less than 4 min
    50 knee raises, started killing half way through
    , 5 at a time for grip (youch)
    40 KB presses with the pinks
    33 cleans @85lb…. Whoops, thought it was 40, too caught up in the moment

    Stretched and did a little mobility for my soleus

  18. Christy K.

    60 cal row
    50 knees to chest
    40 push-ups (on my knees)
    30 power cleans @ 65#
    20 pull-ups with purple band
    Finished right at the end! Awesome workout… Who needs their arms anyway!

  19. Tiffany

    This was a killer made it through the 60 cal row, 50 toe to bars and finished with 20 strict handstand pushups I was trying those Kipping Hspu kinda bummed I didn’t get further but I tried!

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