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General Fitness 11.07.14


General Fitness 11.07.14

Prep Work
3Min Skipping rope…Its a warm up don’t get to crazy
2X:30 Table top stretch
2X:30 Couch stretch
2X:30 Soleus stretch
For time
100 Thrusters 75/55
1Mile Run

Cool Down
Post results

****This is a de-loading week for us so try and fight the urge to add additional work.

24 Responses

  1. BG

    WOW….! Happy Friday!!
    Pre work was good. My calfs were on fire! Not sure why.?

    WOD: I was over thinking it way to much!
    Thursters @ 75lbs…. 15,15,5,5,5,5,5,5…..lost it after 60…finished 5 reps till about 75-85 minutes then did a few reps of 3… Then finished reps of 5.
    Time was 7:55.
    1 Mile Run actually felt pretty good. Not sure what my time was. Cash$$ told me but I was a little spun out.
    ( I was right behind JD ) so waht ever he got :):) LOL


  2. Russian Princess

    Call me crazy but I freaking LOVED this workout, love thrusters and love running. Andy the A.G pushes me on my runs.
    Total time 16:30ish.
    Goal was 15 min. Not too shabby.
    Proud of myself for not burning out on first set. Thanks to Gina for the tips.
    Happy weekend to everyone.

  3. Jonathan

    Stretches felt like they were taking a while, but it worked. The jump rope got things moving. Had a nice steady controlled pace until about 2:30 or so.

    Friday fun! Who doesn’t like thrusters. Went for big set, 40 on first go then 10s for the rest. The run I expected to feel difficult but not nearly as slow as I felt. To add on I ran to the old dogs because I didn’t see the line. Finished in 14:20 or so, completed thrusters at 4:22. Happy for sub five, rolled out at the YAC … results posted.

    See you next week.

  4. Teressa

    I was really dreading the thrusters but they were not as bad as I was expecting!

    Finished the thrusters in 8:25, used 45lbs
    Started with sets of 10 and then went to sets of 5 after about 60, seemed to be a good pace. Never got totally fatigued.

    First 800m: 4:12
    Second 800m: 3:46
    Mile total: 7:58

    Total time was 16:23

  5. mandi

    Thrusters @55lbs. First set was 20, then two sets of 10 then sets of 5 after that. Forgot to look at time after thrusters, one mile run, finished in 20:08

  6. Tiffany Carley

    Thrusters @ 55 lbs. Sets of 10 all the way through until my last set and did 4,4,2. Time was 9:12.
    Mile run not so good. I need to get better at running. Finished in 24:40ish.

  7. RachelGarza

    40 lbs thrusters 10 sets of 10 finished at 7:08 then 1 mile run completed all at 17:47 if it wasn’t so dark my run might be better. I heart lifting and running. Great wod!

  8. Vanessa Esquivel

    Great warm up today.
    55# thrusters, broke these up into mostly 5s give or take a few. Finished this part in less than 10 minutes and finished the mile in under 19 minutes. FUN STUFF!

  9. Cash

    Finished thrusters in 6:02.. Broke them up 15, 10,then all 5’s with 3-5 sec rest
    Finished run at 13:33 but Shawn and I did the loop run and came in at the reform sign so we went out again and ran the corner :)so add 35 seconds to our time :)) approx 14:08

  10. Trish

    This workout kicked my a**. Wanted to cry but I finished.
    Warm up was good
    WOD- thrusters- started with 45lbs got to 80 then had to drop to 35lbs to finish the last 20. Got done at 12:05 I think. The mile run was not the greatest but I kept moving took me 16:50.
    Total- 28:55

  11. Asian Princess

    Prep Work was good
    100 Thrusters!!! What was I thinking!!!
    And one mile walk:( I can’t run!!

  12. Prep work. Good Need to do more of this

    WOD:worked out with Joe. did 10 for probably the first 50 then 5’s with short break. got done 6:01 total time 14:05. did 2 800’s
    Cool down warmed up with 11 am class.

    Good stuff i feel like my running is getting better.


    JD and Chris are crazy for doing their thrusters so fast. That is crazy fast.

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