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General Fitness 11.10.14


General Fitness 11.10.14

Happy Birthday Marines.

…The start of our new Oly Cycle…
The Lifting days will be broken up into 3 separate days
Take advantage of our Olympic lifting class on thursday @ 530 it will be one of the cycles programmed days.

Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
3 Rds
5 Snatch grip DL
5 Muscle snatch

Every 2 min for 12 min (6 Sets)
2 Power snatch+1 Full snatch
For this complex you are going to be asked not to drop the bar in between reps.

5 Rds for time
60M Farmers Carry AHAP
5 strict pull ups (LVL 2 strict ring pull ups)
10 Air squats
rest 1 min

Cool Down
Post results

15 Responses

  1. BG

    Happy Monday…! Long seattle weekend killed me!

    Good pre work. Did extra wall facing squats. ( helps losen my back )

    Oly…. Getting better at snatches but still a weakness.
    Did 1st 2 sets at 75lbs.
    Then the last 4 at 95lbs.

    WOD: First round I used the 72 ( red tap ) Then finished the WOD with 79LBS KB ( white tap )
    5 Strick Ring Pull Ups ( went as Strick as possible. Full extension down each time
    10 Body squats.
    Time was 11:37

    OT: 4X7 DB Bench Press

  2. Jim

    Worked on a Clean complex, started light at 115 and finished at 155, should have started at 135 and finished at 175 maybe next time? For the WOD I finished at 8:35, I grabbed the Orange imitially then Marcos was nice enough to bring the unmarked big ones, Jose and I alternated with those and the white for the final 3 rounds.

  3. Hannah Ramos

    Worked up to 55 lbs for the power snatch/snatches.
    Farmers carry: yellow kb
    Strict pull-ups: thick red band
    Air squats…finished in 10:54.

  4. Russian Princess

    Worked up to 65#. Terrible terrible terrible snatch form. I need work on these.
    Orange KBs
    Red band
    Finished in 9:01.

  5. Trish

    Love the stretching! Those are my favorite. Prep work – good practice with pvc. Oly- used 25lbs stayed light to practice technique not my favorite lift.
    WOD- used yellow kbs and the black band with the small red band.— 9:51
    Extra – did some mobility, 1000m Row and 50cal on the Airdyne. Good day!

  6. Christy K

    OLY: Need to work on this lift still, I’m getting better, but it’s still not the most stable. I started at 55# and worked my way up to 75# for my last 3 rounds.
    WOD: farmers carry – black kettle bells
    pull ups- green+red band
    air squat
    Overall time: 10:01

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Oly – 2 power snatches + 1 full snatch
    My shoulder was feeling good so I went for it, but stayed light. The Thursday Oly class has definitely made me feel more comfortable about my technique. Mobility in the full snatch needs some improvement though. 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45

    WOD total time 11:31. Used green KBs and thin red band for the first round of strict pull ups and orange and red band to finish. I need to strengthen my shoulder so I really focused on making these as strict as possible.


  8. Teressa

    Definitely need to work on my snatch form. Had a couple good ones in there today, but still not quite getting it. Stayed super light: 45lbs

    Used orange kettle bells
    green band for pull-ups (definitely time to downsize bands, these were way too easy, yay!)
    total time was 10 something

  9. Teresa

    great workout.. : )
    Group warm-up.
    Prep work stretches.
    6 sets 55lb 2 power snatch and 1 full snatch.
    5 rounds for time
    44lbs kettle bells @60 meters
    Small Green band strict pull-ups
    10 air squats.
    Time.. 12: 43

  10. T$

    Prep- my hips are always tight so I really enjoy the couch stretch and table top. Muscle snatches felt a little awkward but waes me up.
    Oly- 2 power snatches 1 full snatch.
    55,60,65,65,70,75. My last set techniques was failing had to really focus.
    WOD – I don’t recall my times I wrote them on the board but forgot to copy them. I do recall I was very slow.
    Farmers carry 53#kb, did 4 strict ring pull-ups and 10 air squats. Farmer carry fast but pull-ups slow and difficult. Squats no problem. Pull-ups Broken into mostly singles. Thanks to Brenden for pushing me to ring pull-ups and Joe for encouraging me too.

  11. Kristopher Bailey

    Oly 100# for all 6 rounds. WOD: farmer carry 53#, pull up were assited by a small band. TRT 10:20 I was averaging 1:05 per round.

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