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General Fitness 11.10.15


General Fitness 11.10.15

Prep Work2 rds

50′ Bear crawl

50′ Inch worm push up
2X sets of

6 Drinking birds

6 Leg pumps

10 Air squats
After prep work is done jump on a rower and see what setting you should be rowing at. Get your feet set up and damper setting at your desired lvl and row 300M as a additional warm up


24 Min EMOM

1st min American Swings 15-20reps 62/44

2nd Wall Ball shots 10-20 reps

3rd min Burpee Pull up X 10 (Modify if needed to burpees then ring rows)

With the variable rep ranges don’t be afraid to hit the higher side of them but not at the cost of falling below the minimum.

1K Row

Rest 5 Min

Repeat as much as desired (No more then 5 sets of the 1K)

Goal is to hit the same times for each set
Cool Down


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