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General Fitness 11.11.14


General Fitness 11.11.14

Thank you Veterans for serving.  This video show’s what many of our Veterans give up to protect this country.


Prep Work
Todays workout will be a number of workouts combined to make one awesome hero workout
400M Run/500M Row/2 Min air dyne ride
2X10 American Swings
2X10 Perfect pushups

Three Wise Men Tribute Workout (click here)

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
5 Hang Squat Snatches (Elite = 185/125 lbs; RX = 135/95 lbs)
10 Burpees Over the Barbell

Rest 2 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
10 Power Cleans (Elite = 185/125 lbs; RX = 135/95 lbs)
20 Pull-Ups

Rest 2 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
15 Box Jump-Overs (Elite & RX = 24”/20”)
30 Wall Ball Shots (Elite & RX = 20/14 lbs)

Cool Down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. BG

    Brrrrrrr! It was a little cold this am 🙂
    Pre work…. Airdyne didn’t help with the air blowing back in your face.

    American Swings felt good.
    Perfect Push Ups always feel good.

    Took time to warm my back.

    BEN- 95lbs… 1st round power snatch and half squat.
    2nd round power snatch and full squat. Only got 2 full rounds.

    BEAU- 10 Power Cleans 135lbs, 20 Pull Ups
    10 Power Cleans and 14 Pull Ups.

    JEREMY- 15 Box Jumps, 30 Wall Balls @20Lbs…..7 Box Jumps.

    Love the combination WODS!
    Keeps you thinking and keeps your mind right!


  2. Russian Princess

    Fun to workout with the 5 am crew. You guys crack me up.

    Ran for warm up because who doesn’t like running in the nipping cold wind!

    Ben@55#: 3+8
    Beau @85# :1+22
    Jeremy 20in step overs/14#:2 full rounds.

    Those wall balls were physically just not happening. Broke them up into 10s.

    Thanks for your service Marcos!

  3. Samoan Suga

    Never felt like passing out before but this workout really kicked my butt. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it a lot.

    Ben 45# : 2 rounds 7, did 5 extra hang snatch, mixed up with the numbers for clean

    Beau 55# : 1 rds 5

    Jeremy 20in/ box jumps & wall balls 1 rd, 13 step overs

    Happy Veterans Day!!

  4. Trish

    Warm up – Rowed 500, American swings were good used blue KB. Pushups always need work.
    2 rounds+2 hang snatch
    used 35lbs
    1 round+10 power cleans and 10 pullups
    1st round used 75lbs decided was slightly too heavy for that fast and dropped to 65lb for the second round. Felt better could move faster. Used smaller black band for pullups
    1 round+10 box overs
    12lb wallball
    16in box
    wallballs felt horrible today my legs were exhausted and my arms were done for. Couldn’t move them as fast as I would’ve liked. Just stepped up and over the box.
    This workout kicked my butt. Good workout though! Thank you for your service to all my Crossfit friends that served or have served! 🙂 Happy Veterans Day!
    Extra – rowed 1000m
    Airdyne -50cal

  5. Jim

    Good Hero WOD day, thank you to all that served our great country!
    Ben: modified with 10 American Swings for Snatches with Red KB got thru 2 rounds plus 10 swings and 1 Burpee.
    Beau: 135# and unbanded Pull-ups 1 round plus 6 reps.
    Jeremey: 1 round plus 5 step ups. This one really sucked! I had no energy left for this one.

  6. Tina

    Ben- 2 + 4 …used 95 pounds

    Beau – 1 + 10+17…used 95 pounds …my pull-ups were ugly

    Jeremy – 1+15+11…box jumps were really slow…could not get in a good rythym. 20in box…14lb ball

  7. Tiffany

    This WOD kicked my butt! Ben: 3 full rounds with 65 lbs. Beau: 75 lbs. 1 full round plus 10 pullups into 2nd round. Jeremy : 15 box jump overs 14 lbs ball 1 round plus 17 wall ball shots into 2nd round! Thank you to all you serve!

  8. T$

    I loved this WOD brutal short and just kept coming. Just when you get a break you have to push again.
    Ben – 65# completed 2 full rounds snatches were ugly time to work on them again.

    Beau- same weight should have gone up. Pull-ups were brutal. Finished round 1 and into round 2 with 10 pull-ups.

    Jeremy- first round box jumps. Second round step ups 20 in. Used 14# for wall balls made it to round 1 and into round 2 with 14 wall balls. I was a little afraid of landing on my face and skinning my shins on round 2 so I played it safe but I was sucking wind by the end.

  9. Vanessa Esquivel

    Warm up was good.
    Ben – 3 rounds with 45# doing a power snatch and an OHS.
    Beau – 1 round + 10 power cleans with 65# did about 5-10 banded strict pull ups then finished with kipping.
    Jeremy – 1 round + 15 box jump overs at 20” and 10+ wall balls with 14#

  10. Susana R

    Ben: used 80 pound for snatches, did 2 rounds +2 snatches. I did try to jump over the bar towards the last few it got hard and I stepped over…… Slacker!

    Beau: used 95 for power cleans….. Felt heavier than it usually does….. Maybe cuz I just did snatches. I think I started the 2nd round.

    Jeremy: got through 15 wall balls on 2nd round.. Stepped up…. I was a weenie when it came to my legs today…. Ovi….

  11. Prep Work
    Prep work used it as a quick little wod went fast to warm up

    Three Wise Men Tribute Workout (click here)
    1+2 reps should have probably used 165

    Rest 2 minutes, and then…

    2+2 this one i was able to move

    2+ 15bj and 10 wall balls… Pretty sure Tina cheated because she beat me by one on this, lol. Kidding.

    mobility on my back, and hips. they were tight after this,


  12. Samm

    Ouch. Snatches were HARD today.
    Ben-70# power snatch to OVHD squat. Rough.
    Made it 2 rounds plus …half of a snatch. Ha.
    75# power cleans felts easy
    Thin green band for kipping pull ups.
    1 full round, plus 10 cleans plus … I don’t remember how many pull ups I got to :/ grip was the only thing hurting for this!
    Jeremy- 1 full round plus 21 wall balls. This one felt the most comfortable today. 14# ball and 20″ step ups

    2k row at a mild pace after.

  13. Cash

    Happy Veterans Day ! So thankful 🙂 immorally enjoy these wods we do in honor of our servicemen.,,, young and old…past and present 🙂
    Great 5:30pm crew 🙂
    Ben: did 65lb BB lunges instead of snatches
    Burpees over bar
    3 rounds
    Beau: 85lb cleans
    20 pull-ups, some strict some kipping
    1 round plus 10+17
    Jeremy: Box jump overs
    Wall Balls 14 and 20 lb alternating
    1 round plus 15+22

    2k row with the gang 🙂

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