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General Fitness 11.12.14


General Fitness 11.12.14

****Programming Note****
Todays portion will have some options. Means that we are in a new olympic lifting cycle we will provide you with two different options.
Option A will be focused on strength and cutting back on conditioning and putting even more effort towards strength gains. Option B will still be going through our traditional style of training in the olympic lifting cycle but with a conditioning still being a big priority

Option A. Will be to do both strength portions and WOD Minus the row.
Option B. Back squats+WOD

Evaluate your goals to pick which option and have some fun

Prep Work

2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

20 Min to build up to a heavy 5 rep max on Back squat

(A Only)
Every 2 Min for 12 Min
KB Bench press X 7 Reps

(A -ROW, B +Row)
3 Rds for time
1k Row
50 Double unders
20 Long Cycle 10R+10L 53/35

ACC Work
3X5 Bottoms up KB Press

Cool Down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. BG

    After working a 13: 1/2 hour day, 4:15am came pretty early! Back at Agian for another 13 + hour day! 🙂

    Prep work was good. Felt good to stretch. Especially since I haven’t done back squats in a while.

    Back Squat: worked up to 205X5. Felt good but good still like to get stronger.

    WOD: 1K Row was off right around 4:05,4:13,4:19 each round
    Double Unders still need help. Did all 50 each round, but it slows me down.
    Used 44Lbs KB for the long
    Cycle. ( practice form and really powering through the top range motion )
    Over all really good.
    Now Time to Sell Some Tires!! $$$$

  2. Jim

    Really liked the start of this new cycle. I am taking it very slow with the Back Squats this go around, worked up to 185 x 5 for 2 sets.
    For WOD did Level 1, really want to spend time on my right shoulder. Used the 35# kb’s for the bench press, really could feel the instabability of my rt shoulder, for long cycle used the 44kb and did dbl Unders did one string of 30 unbroken. Took me 20:05 total for bench press, DU’s and long cycles.

  3. Teresa

    group stretch.

    Prep work.
    strength: back squats, 5reps×2@ 55lbs, 5 reps×2@ 75lbs. 5reps×2@, 5reps×1@ 85lbs.

    WOD: 3 rounds for time.
    1k row
    100 single jump ropes
    20 long cycle@ 20lbs
    Time: 22:32

  4. Irina

    Worked up to 175# for 5 reps. Felt good.
    WOD option A
    blues for the presses
    35 for long cycle
    Mixed in DUs with SU(x3)
    10:20ish or so for the WOD.

  5. Tiffany Carley

    Back Squat worked up to 215 for 5 reps. I could have gone heavier but getting low was a problem today. Next time I need to row or something to get my legs warmed up before doing squats.
    I did option A for WOD
    Used 35# kbs for presses. Felt pretty easy. I was getting done pretty fast. I think it took 25 secs for each set of 7. Heavier next time maybe?
    DUs took me forever. I managed to get 3 rds of 50 DUs and 900 singles (at least it felt that way)
    35# kb for long cycle.
    I don’t know exactly how long it took me. About 15mins.

  6. Hannah Ramos

    Did 115 lbs for the 5 back squats. Option B for the wod. Rowed the 1k around 5:10 each time, did singles, and used the blue kettle bell for the long cycles. Finished in 29:25.

  7. Trish

    Love the stretching!
    Back squats- worked up to 105lb x 5. It went something like this.
    35lb x 5
    55lb x 5
    65lb x 5
    85lb x 5
    105lb 5×5
    WOD- did the conditioning portion! Did singles and used the blue KB. Took 31:00min
    did the acc work as best I could. Did extra presses on the left to build up strength on that side.
    Extra -100cal Airdyne
    good day!

  8. Vanessa Esquivel

    Option A – Strength

    5 rep max on back squat 135#

    Every 2 min for 12 min 7 KB bench press w/ 26# KBs

    50 DUs – getting better at these!
    20 long cycles 26# KB for right side and 18# KB for left side. These felt sort of easy, but I’m just trying to strengthen my shoulder before I do anything heavier.

    ACC Work
    3X3-5 reps with 18# KBs. Did long cycles for the most part on my left.

    Cooled down with a 2K m row

  9. Samm


    Worked up to 155 for 5! Would have liked to tried heavier but ran out of time.

    Every 2 min for 12 min
    7 KB press with 26s

    Wod- 3 rounds
    9:30 time
    150 singles
    20 long cycles, used 35# KB
    (Used 26# for last 3 reps on left shoulder because it was getting a little too squirrelly for my taste)

    Acc work:
    Bottoms up shoulder press with 18# KB. Right side stayed pretty solid for 5.
    Left was able to get 2 per side before I switched to regular KB press.

    Stretched out, did some ankle and soleus mobility plus some monkey squats!

  10. Heather

    135 # 5 rep max – back still hurting so I went easy
    35kb bench – difficult on last set

    WOD: 10:45
    150 singles

    ACC: 18kb
    Only could do the right side

  11. Teressa

    Worked up to 135lb for back squat

    blue kbs for bench press

    150 singles
    yellow kb for the long cycle- really liked these!
    Took about 10 min

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