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General Fitness 11.14.14

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  1. BG

    After working four days at 14 hours a day and still have 2 more days. I really didn’t feel like this WOD was going to be good!

    Pre Work was okay at best.

    5 Pull Ups
    10 Push Ups
    15 Squats.

    Goal was 18 rounds….. Flew through the first 10 rounds. Finished 20 Rounds Plus 9 Reps! Just had to get a few rounds in and get my mind right. The rest took care of its self.

    Now Time to sell some TIRES!


  2. Irina

    Did Cindy 2 weeks ago did 18+8
    Today decided to do semi-strict Cindy.
    Used a red band for strict pull ups and elbows at side for push ups. 17+16.
    Not too shabby. Happy with this.

  3. Jonathan

    For Friday’s fun, I think this was one of those benchmark workouts that I wish I just walked into the gym and saw rather than seeing it the night prior. I’d take Fran and or Nancy all day compared to Cindy. But it’s what we have.
    Went fairly hard on the row at a 1:47, inch worm and squat test felt well. Lats definitely needed a little extra.

    Made five pullups into my 22nd round. 21+5, chose to work on my butterfly/frog pull some were better than others, was going good until I busted callouses open at rd 19 or 20. Shave your calluses and take care of your hands friends. Full depth I feel like on the push ups, chest got to ground. From about 14 on broke up in fives or some times three-three two-two. Squats were squats.

  4. Tiffany

    Today kicked my butt, I made it through 15 rounds + 5 pull ups + 6 pushups I did Kipping pullups and regular pushups! I’m proud of myself made another round than the last time I did Cindy.

  5. Hannah Ramos

    13 rounds plus 15 reps using thin red band for pull-ups and push-ups from the knees. Tried to pace myself but apparently I should have gone harder now that I see everyone else’s results!! Geeesh!!! Maybe I forgot to mark down a round or two haha!!

  6. Teressa

    Finished 13 rounds plus 5 pull-ups.
    Push-ups are definitely my weak point, although they felt decent today. Tried to do a couple regular pushups every round, but that only lasted about 4 rounds and did the rest from my knees. Was doing 5+3+2 to break them up by the end.
    Pull ups felt really good- used two small red bands. I think I can downgrade to one red band!

    Cooled down on the air dyne, 60 calories.

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    The last time I did “Cindy” I got 18 rounds + 25. I also did push ups off of my knees and used a thick red band for kipping pull ups.

    This time I got 13 rounds + 1. For the first 7 rounds I did strict pull ups with the thick red band and added the orange band to finish. I did regular push ups and broke those up for the most part.

    Cool down row for 5 min – 50 cals

  8. Rema Imperial

    Cindy: I did 16 rounds plus 5reps of 5 kipping pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 air squats. I probably did several wormy push ups along the way. Have a wonderful weekend everyone

  9. Heather

    14 rounds! Wohoooo! I worked out today!! I’m really happy to have made it to CF today and see my buddies.
    Thanks Clint for the encouragement 🙂

  10. Prep work

    20 min amrap
    5 pull ups
    10 push ups
    15 air squats

    got 23+16 reps—- Push ups were the hardest part

    ACC work
    5min Max calorie row- waited a minute and used this as recovery 52 cal

    Cool down


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