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General Fitness 11.17.14


General Fitness 11.17.14

Prep Work
3 Rds
5 Snatch Grip RDL’s
5 Muscle snatch

Every 2 min For 18 Min (9 sets)
1 Hang snatch, 1 snatch.
You can drop in between these reps, go by feel for the weight

10 Min EMOM
Even Min
Max Wall balls + 5 Burpees
Get as many wall ball shots as you can but make sure you can finish your 5 burpees or your wall ball shots get dropped to 0.
Odd Min
Score is total number of wall balls

ACC Work
3X10 banded Good Mornings

Cool Down
Post results

30 Responses

  1. BG

    Pre work was everything I could do to stay warm! 🙂

    Oly: still could use help on my snatch. ( back is starting to feel good ) Worked my way up to 105lbs…. Felt okay.

    EMOM: 20lbs Wall Balls
    18,15,15,10,15….plus 5 Burpees

    Not to bad for a cold monday

  2. Jim

    Subbed Cleans today, worked up to 145, should have gone a lil higher.
    For the WOD, I used 20# ball, did 15,16,16,15, and 15 for a total of 77.

  3. Russian Princess

    Best my snatch has ever felt. Worked up to an easy 75 for rnd 6and7 then started to feel my form give out so went down to 65 for the rest. Good day of lifting.

    22, 23, 23, 20, 15 last round thought if I dropped I was done, not the case so had to get back on it. Total of 103. I liked this one, but oh dang I died. Legs cramped for 10 min after. Good start to a Monday!

  4. Monica B

    I worked on form 35lb snatches // last 2 rds – 45lbs
    16,15,13,13,15 – total 72. Not bad. I really thought I was going to do less. So Go Me.
    Def. a good WOD

  5. Vicky

    Need work on my snatches. I used the 45 lb bar all the way through. Didn’t feel comfortable enough to add more weight to it.
    WOD- 14 lb ball. First round was 0

  6. Renate T

    Felt good to work on snatches today. Worked from 34 to 45 to #55 for the last couple of rounds

    WOD: Used #12 ball. 12, 13, 14, 14, 14 for a total of 67. Not too bad

  7. Mandi

    Worked up to 70lbs on snatch. Still need to get better on my form.
    WOD Did 22, 20, 20, 18, 17 wall balls for a total of 97. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

  8. Tiffany

    I worked up to 100 lbs hang snatch couldn’t do the full one I think if I waited a minute between the two I could have done 100 at a full snatch landing in the squat I’d a weakness of mine. The WOD I used a 14 lbs ball I got through 93 wb shots I think I could have squeezed a few more in there but it was tough figuring out my burpees toward the end great workout though!

  9. Teresa

    Group stretch:

    Prep work:

    Every 2 min for 18 min. (Nine sets) 6 sets @ 55lbs. 3 sets @ 65lbs.

    10 min EMOM:
    10 wall balls and 5 burpees every min ×10 mins.

    banded good mornings.
    : ) : ): )

  10. Will Bradford

    Annnnnd I’m back. For the Oly set I’m attacking it differently that before choosing form before power.

    Prep Work:
    Used a PVC pipe just to get a feel for them and to warm up actually did an extra set with a 45lb bar.

    Started light #1 & #2 65lbs
    #3 & #4 75lbs
    #5 thru #9 95lbs
    Know I could’ve added more weight but want my form to be as clean as possible

    Had to take a short intermission in order to take care of some business and came back for the 4:30 class to do the WOD

    Brenden had me do rowing ended up PR’ing on my 2k row with and 8:45

    Used a 20lb wall ball 17, 15, 15, 5, 8 for a total of 60
    Not great but everything is a work in progress!

  11. Samm

    Snatch complex: Did 5 sets at 55# and 4 sets at 60#… Really trying to work technique, not so great at catching in a squat but it felt better as the sets went on.

    14# ball
    21, 20, 22, 21, 20
    For a total of 104
    Fun!! But holy quads.

    3×10 banded good mornings.

    Stretched out for cool down.

  12. Vanessa Esquivel

    Snatch complex – 1 hang snatch + 1 full snatch
    The plan is to stay light until my shoulder is good and I can catch it in a squat, 35 for 7 sets, 40 for 2 sets.

    14# ball 20, 20, 20, 20, 18

    ACC Work
    3 x 10 banded good mornings

  13. DBG

    worked up to 155 for my last three sets on snatch complex. Felt pretty good, need to keep the rear down. Thanks for the push on the wod coach B, 16(guessing low, 21?,22,22,22…hurt so good!

  14. Heather

    Worked up to 90# on snatch. Was trying to work on technique today.
    Really great workout died on the last one.
    Morning glories with blackband felt good.

  15. Teressa

    Snatches were fun today! Finally feeling like I am starting to get how they work. (The Oly class was a huge help!!)
    Stayed light and kept working on my technique: 55lbs for 5 rnds, 60lbs for the last 4 rnds.

    The WOD was short, but had to push myself those last few rounds! I liked the challenge of having to finish the burpees before the minute was up.
    21, 20, 19, 18, 20
    Total: 98 wall balls, 14# ball

  16. The Wizard of Oz

    My snatch is getting better. Only 105 lbs with the bar but I’m still focusing on technique and form. The WOD 5 rounds with a 20 lb ball of 20, 20, 15, 15, 17 total 87 wall balls burpes included

  17. Eric Dean

    Snatch technique is improving but still needs work. Stayed at 95# for all sets.
    WOD – 20# ball – 25, 24, 24, 24, 22 = 119

    Wall balls and burpees are definitely 2 of my strongest movements but it was still tough

  18. Juana Castaneda

    Didn’t fell comfortable enough to add more weight to it, because of my shoulder.. 35lb

    WOW ball 12lb 10 15 16 15 16 total 72

  19. Tiffany Carley

    My technique for the snatch is getting better and I’m getting comfortable with the pulls and getting under the bar. Still limited due to that tight left shoudler. Working hard on mobility. I’m ready for heavier weight. Stayed at 65 and 70 lbs for snatches. The full snatch was easier for me today. Weird!
    WOD-wall balls 15,15,15,17,17
    If I added right my score was 79. Legs took awhile to recover after that.
    Banded good mornings done and mobility 🙂

  20. Prep Work
    was rough today, really sore through my upper body. Showed up 20 min early to work on mobility

    Every 2 min For 18 Min (9 sets)
    1 Hang snatch, 1 snatch.
    Took 3 for sets to warm up overhead but after that felt good. Hit 205 for the complex. hit 225 from the high hand, failed the full
    10 Min EMOM
    23,20,20.20.16( stupid wall ball got the best of me today.

    ACC Work
    3X10 banded Good Mornings

    bicep isn’t happy, don’t know if it was from Friday. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow


  21. Today was the start of my comeback…

    Snatches were something like, 135,155,165,185 Missed the full snatch, 195,205PR for hang, 215PR for hand, 225PR from hang missed full snatch, went for 230 and 235. went for the extra 5lb just because the 230 felt so good. Tied my all time snatch pr but from the hang…3 pr’s in one day…

    wall balls were 25,25,26,26,26

    Today was a good day…

  22. Christy K

    OLY: I’m finally starting to get better at snatches, thank god! Still struggling not to put my feet out too wide, but overall it feels a lot better.
    55#,55#,65#,65#,75#,75#,75#,85#,85# (the last round, it took me two tries for the full snatch)

    WOD: Wall balls 12,16,15,16,16 I didn’t time this right because I always had 5-8 seconds at the end of the minute… should have done more wall balls.

    Fun day!

  23. Jonathan

    Prep Work
    Mixed in some prep work and a hit and catch drill picked up over the weekend felt, good, definitely felt it in pelvic region from Saturday, three rounds with PVC then one with bar.

    Well this was fun … enjoyed seeing and hearing all the PR’s from the hang position. Thought of keeping pace with Brenden and Joe … three rounds in … Psyche!
    Went from 135 then moved up to 205. PR from the hang, missed the full. Before Saturday that was my previous best snatch.

    10m EMOM
    26-26-25-25-26, the second to last set of burpees were all over the place
    ACC Work
    one round of banded good mornings… cooled down walking outside.

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